Sunday, December 2, 2012

Healthy Lifestyle Journey: Week 1a

Week one of my healthy lifestyle journey was average. I had good moments and bad. I did not exercise and went to a basketball game. I need to do a better job of when going out either eating before hand or ordering something healthy.

I'm excited for this week. I plan on playing basketball, taking Zumba, and doing yoga.

I'm apart of a women's only  exercise Facebook group called From Good to Bad and we are starting a December challenge. It will be exciting to have a support group and if I make the most improvement, I will win a prize!

In the group, someone posted this photo and I realized that I need to step it up. If I can watch TV or talk on the phone, I can use that time to exercise.

This is what I ate between Thursday and Sunday.


9am- scrambled eggs, 1 wheat toast, and a banana
1:30pm- chicken breast, cucumbers, plaintain
4pm- granola bar
9pm- I was running around and didn't get a chance to cook the pumpkin I wanted to eat. So I ended up eating some cup of noodles


Didn't exercise


11am- 2 boiled eggs and a grapefruit
2pm- banana
4pm- turkey, swiss cheese sandwich on wheat bread and cucumbers
8pm- chicken breast, kale


Didn't exercise


11am - turkey, swiss cheese sandwich on wheat bread and soup
3pm - chicken breast with kale
6pm- pretzel and fruit punch


Unless walking at the mall and watching a basketball game count, I did not exercise.


11 am turkey, swiss cheese sandwich on wheat
5pm- wings


Didn't exercise


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