Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dream of the day: Move to Bolivia

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It has been awhile since I posted a dream of mine. This one was pretty interesting to me.

I woke up this morning and I was confused. I had a dream that I moved to Bolivia! I never even thought of that country and for it to pop up in my dream, it made me wonder why.

Dream Description

I was at a busy airport with my aunt, my grandma, my sister "S", and her friend "P". S and P were getting ready to leave for Bolivia and I wanted to go, but I was concerned with the things I was leaving behind. My aunt told me to go and my grandma said to go, but I kept telling everyone  that I didn't even pack a suitcase and  it was irresponsible for me to spend my last dollars to go to a country where I didn't speak the language. My aunt told me that I needed to take risks and when would I get another chance to fly to Bolivia for under 300 dollars. It clicked for me, so I just boarded the plane, without any suitcase or change of clothes and moved to Bolivia  While living in Bolivia, I befriended several people and started to improve my Spanish  I was even speaking Spanish in the dream. Eventually my stay in Bolivia had to end. S and P wanted to leave, but I wanted to stay. I think I stayed a little longer and they left me behind. My dream switched into a book sequence. I was given a new book publishing technology, called author (something). I wished I could remember what it was, but it was really cool in the dream. I basically uploaded works, and the technology separated them into catalogs and as books got uploaded by this technology,  books were automatically added to people's tablets. There was more to the dream, but I just can't grasp it now.

Dream Meaning

So what does this dream mean? I'm not too sure. This isn't the first time I have dreamed of moving to another country. I had a dream two years ago about moving to Korea. It also isn't the first time I have had a dream in another language. The part that stood out to me was my grandma and aunt telling me to take a risk and stop playing it safe. That stood out to me, because there have been times I wanted to just jump on a plane and move somewhere, but then I thought of all the responsibilities I have. I tell myself, when I'm done with this, I will travel. Maybe this dream is telling me to just go. Follow my heart and just leave New York. The part about the publishing, probably came to me because I am working on my book and I just want to finish it, so I can start the publishing process. This new technology seemed cool, but I don't even know where that came from.

Dream Discussion

Ever dream of moving to another country?  Did you actually move to the country you dreamed of?


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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Healthy Lifestyle Journey: Week 1

If you have been following my blogs for the past three years or so, you know about my exercise plans that start and fail and then start again. I know you are sick of it, because I am!

Well, today I started again, but I don't plan on quitting. I'm just going to keep on going, until I reach my goal and learn how to stick with a healthy lifestyle. I either eat healthy and don't exercise or don't eat healthy and exercise or eat healthy and exercise. My goal is to not go back and forth and to eat healthy and exercise.

When I'm eating healthy, I eat what my body wants. My body usually craves: water, fruits, spinach, broccoli, kale, yam, fish, and chocolate. In my opinion those aren't terrible things to crave. When I'm not eating healthy, I barely eat. I have strange eating habits. I drink water all day and don't eat until my head hurts. It's not because I'm not hungry, it's because I'm just so engrossed in my work, that I don't get up to eat. What's so bad about that? Well, when I eat one time a day, I have a bad habit of just eating a lot. So instead of have a normal single sized portion, I have double. My body, then stores that fat and I gain weight(my theory). This style of eating used to work for me, but that was when I played sports everyday. Now that I barely exercise anymore, eating this way is unhealthy for me because the food isn't being burned. How do I solve this bad habit?

I decided to focus on small achievable goals.

My December Goals

1. Exercise at least five times a week
2. Eat at least three times a day
3. Don't drink alcohol
4. Go to bed before 12 am and wake up by 8 am
5. Drop 10 lbs

I will give an update two times a week. I think I will do Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Monday and Tuesday

I didn't start. But I think I ate sandwiches and salads.


Went to the gym and walked briskly for 40 minutes

Breakfast: water (don't judge me!) Cost: Free
Lunch: burrito (don't judge me!) Cost: $7 ugh
Dinner: chicken breast, plantain, and cucumbers Cost: 3.73
Dessert: pumpkin pie (don't judge me!)

My thoughts for the week:

Ugh!! I spent too much on takeout. The money I spent ordering salads and burritos could have been used on groceries. Today I went to the store and purchased 35$ worth of fruits, veggies, and chicken. $35 dollar is a lot for me for the week, because the other store I usually go to I would have spent $20. I figure that based on the meal plan I have for this week, I will probably be eating about 3.73 a day; IF I don't order out.

I'm not going to scold myself for eating the burrito and the pumpkin pie. I just know not to do it again.

I'm pretty excited to get back on track. I can already envision myself even healthier and in better shape than before!

I hope you all will join me on this journey to better eating habits and consistent exercise.

What are your eating practices or exercise habits?


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Saturday, November 17, 2012

A November Nature Walk

Nature always finds a way to recharge me. I took a walk this week through the park and it was beautiful. Most of the paths were cleared of trees that fell during Hurricane Sandy and some flowers were still in bloom. It was very refreshing to take a 3 mile walk through nature. 

Below are some photos from my walk. Visit the Closed Lids Facebook Page for more photos. 

Photo Credit: Lisa-Marie Pierre

Photo Credit: Lisa-Marie Pierre

Photo Credit: Lisa-Marie Pierre

Photo Credit: Lisa-Marie Pierre

Walking Path
Photo Credit: Lisa-Marie Pierre

Photo Credit: Lisa-Marie Pierre

Photo Credit: Lisa-Marie Pierre

Photo Credit: Lisa-Marie Pierre

Uprooted Tree
Photo Credit: Lisa-Marie Pierre

Photo Credit: Lisa-Marie Pierre


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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Surviving Hurricane Sandy

Photo Credit: Brian Birke
I've been an observer of  worldwide and nationwide natural disasters my entire life, yet never have been directly affected until recently. Last week Hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc across the northeast part of the United States. Meteorologists and government officials warned citizens that the storm would be a bad one, and in New York a state of emergency was declared. Monday evening, Sandy hit and Tuesday morning, the world saw the initial damage. 

Out here on Long Island, I live close to the south shore, but not close enough to withstand water damage. My area had wind damage, a lot of trees fell on cars and homes, but thankfully my neighbors were all safe. I cannot say the for the rest of the island and the region. My area did not have power until Thursday afternoon, but I know of people who still are without power and their homes burned down! I cannot imagine what they are going through. The few days I spent without power, I was cold. Imagine eight winter nights without power or not even having a home. This might even get worse for individuals; as a nor'easter is predicted to hit the northeast region tomorrow afternoon. 

Environmentally, emotionally, economically, and socially; you learn a lot about yourself, nature, and society during natural disasters. For one, nature is running the show. It is obvious with climate change, that cities need to prepare for the future. Areas like Long Island and Manhattan, normally do not get weather like Hurricane Sandy. If this is the future for this area, new plans need to be made for infrastructure design, transportation, housing, and emergency management. It is back to the drawing board. 

Emotionally and spiritually, you notice how people band together, though there are looters. But, I noticed neighbors checking in on others, I stopped by a few elderly people's homes to see if they were okay. I noticed productivity wise, how much time in general I wasted. When there isn't power, you get things done and then go to bed. I wasn't playing on my Kindle or on social networks. During this down time, I made significant advances in my book. I spent quality time with my family. Went on walks with my family. I spent quiet time with myself, just thinking. I even feel like without all the frequencies, waves, and technology, my head was clear. 

Many businesses and homes have been hit because of the storm, but many other business sectors are thriving because the storm. I foresee jobs creation in insurance, construction, clean up, and more. 

It is important to remember that after a storm, there is light and a rainbow. Things do get better. 

If you live on Long Island and have been affected by Hurricane Sandy here are few resources: 

Did Hurricane Sandy pass by you? How are you holding up? 


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