Friday, October 5, 2012

How to make acne and spot ointment

I have been told that I have nice skin, but I feel like it could be a little better. I am using this month of October to get rid of some problem areas and also to overall improve my skin- facial, body, scalp. I made several oils and ointments and will be blogging instructions about each type. I made acne/spot ointment, facial moisturizer, arthritis/joint pain oil, dry skin oil, dry skin ointment, spot gel, and scalp oil. I made different things, because they all pretty much used the same base instructions and from there I got creative and used different herbs that aid in improving skin. In addition, I will continue to drink water, exercise, sleep well, and exercise.

Step by step I will show you how to make acne and spot ointment made with macerated red clover oil and myrtle leaf infusion. Why red clover and myrtle?

Red clover has great medicinal properties. As an infusion with honey, it can aid with coughs or bronchitis. As a cool infusion it makes a great astringent for cuts. As a macerated oil it can be used to heal dry skin cracks and speed up the wound healing process. As a tincture or capsule, it can help heal blemishes and premenstrual imbalance.

Myrtle is used medicinally and in cosmetics. As an essential oil it can do a lot. It can help urinary tract infections when used in a bath. As a steam, the essential oil can help with coughs and colds or even when mixed with a base oil it can be rubbed on the chest to improve sleep and breathing.  When the essential oil is combined with aloe, it can be used as a toner to balance the oil production in skin.

I love plants and herbs because as you can see, a plant can go a long way. Every part of a plant can be utilized depending on the method- tincture, infusion, essential oil, macerated oil, capsules, etc.

The process to make the acne and spot ointment has three parts; herbal infusion, macerated oil, then finally you make the ointment.

Double boiler (or a two pans or one pan and a bowl that can sit in the bottom pan without touching the bottom)
8 oz clean dark glass bottle
4 oz clean dark glass jar
Metal whisk

A bunch of myrtle leaf
8 fl oz sunflower oil (or olive oil)
Handful of red clover
1 tablespoon (15 g) of grated cocoa butter (or beeswax)
4 tablespoons of myrtle infusion
4 tablespoons macerated red clover oil (or sunflower oil)

How to Make Acne/Spot Ointment

NOTE: I forgot to take a picture. But, keep the water in the bottom pan and add a top pan 

There you have it! You don't have to make an ointment. After making the red clover oil, you could stop there and use red clover on your skin. Or you can go the extra few steps to make the ointment. 

I will in the next blogs, explain how to make the other oils and ointments. It is super easy, once you have the process done, you can be creative and use different herbs, plants, and oils that will suit your needs. 

Have you ever made macerated oils or ointments? What is your favorite combination? 


P.S. I got the inspiration from Herbs: a color guide to herbs and herbal healing by Jennie Harding.

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