Friday, September 7, 2012

How to buy inexpensive produce

People always say eating healthy is expensive. However, I went to the store yesterday and bought all this produce for $15.

Long Island Plum Tomatoes: 1.69lb @ $0.69/lb ...  I spent $1.17 for 10 tomatoes
California Black Plums: 1.32lb @ $0.99/lb ... I spent $1.31 for 4 plums
Red Onions: 1.41lb @ $0.69/lb ... I spent $0.97  for 4 red onions
Sweet Corn: reduced aisle ... I spent $1.49 for 5 corns
Radish Bunch: ... I spent $0.49 for a radish bunch
New Jersey Yellow Peaches: 1.28lb @ $0.69/lb ... I spent $0.88 for 3 peaches
Canadian Loose Carrots: 2.65lb @ $0.39/lb ... I spent $1.03 for 7 carrots
Yams: 3.40lb @ $0.69/lb ... I spent $2.35 for 3 yams
Red Leaf Lettuce: 1.67lb @ $0.99/lb ... I spent $1.65 for 2 bunches of lettuce
Bartlet Pears: 1.72lb @ $0.69/lb ... I spent $1.19 on 4 pears
A Jar of Pickled Vegetables: $3.49

A total of 12.53 for the produce and adding in the jar of picked vegetables, the total was 16.02

How did I get such a deal? I shop by what is on sale at the stores, I always get things from the extra reduced section, and I try to stick to produce that is locally grown. The best thing about buying things that are on sale; I get to try new things. 

For those who live on Long Island. I went to Pat's Farm in East Meadow for these items and I also get great deals at the Associated in Baldwin. 

Share the great deals and locations in your town. 


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