Monday, August 6, 2012

Mix It Up Monday: Andy Jalen

This week on Mix It Up Monday is a poem abut love and relationships by Andy Jalen. If you would like to see more by Andy Jalen, you can reach him Facebook.

Him: You’d look so good on my arm…..
Her: Why you say that…..
Him: You’re my good thing.

See in my eyes, I’m the real thing… you you’re like heaven that’s a feeling… 
Cannot hide, all my dealings
“I thought my love was unquenchable
All I ask is you continue to be my oxygen, my forever more.
And as each day progress us, could you and I keep each other warm? 
Wit or congressing I believe I’ve found a new reason to love you more.
Because you’re wonderful, you believe in me, so complex yet accepting of my dreams, aspirations, and goals
To place you in my position of shared partner, I understand now that god creates all things
You’re a promise to man that I’d find that one special one for me.
Please don’t walk away when I just found my queen.
I want to apply that pressure on myself to stay true to you but pressure is nothing when your conception remains the one physical perfect constant.
Many call it faith, I call it my lady. I Call you my little rainbow-promise me you’ll stay my physical label.
You know how you make me feel?  You standing right in front of me, doing nothing in particular and I want you bad. You got an attitude and all I can think is how fine you are.
You broke my heart and I loved you more.
You walk away and all I can ask is stay.
Words saying go, every physical and mental response other than telling me no.
That’s a passion, a draw, enough reason for me to worship my good thing.

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