Saturday, June 16, 2012

Help a Woman Dying of Cancer Reach Her Dream

Don’t put off your dreams for tomorrow. Do them today, next month, soon.

This was posted on a Facebook group I am a part of and I wanted to share it on my blogs.

Hey Tribe!!! 
So hope that some can help me with this request.
I have one member in family who is dying of cancer and has never been outside of DC. When she passes, she will be leaving 4 children under the age of 18. She is divorced and the father has NO involvement in the children's lives. I don't think I need to address how her death will affect them. 
LaJuan, always tells me how lucky I am to travel and how she is glad I found like minded people in my life. Raising 4 children by yourself doesn't leave much time to oneself. She thought once she finished the "18 years"raising part for all her babies, that she would have time to go where she wanted. Now at 40, is time is greatly limited. 
If it is possible, can you send me a picture of where you are ( if you are near something that is symbolic of that area even better!) with the phrase "Mazel tov LaJuan!"and a little bit about that location. 
While saying Mazel tov to a dying woman might seem off, please understand that we view everyday   that she is alive and with us as a celebration. 
The days she can walk on her on or the days when she can keep her food down or even the days when she doesn't need to take all her pain meds..she says "Mazel tov!" and we the family reply back "Mazel tov LaJuan!!"  
I would like to present this to her in two weeks time. 
I would really appreciate all the help I could get. 
Thanks in advance Amber
This story touched me and encouraged me to just go ahead and start living my life to the fullest now because you never know. 

If you have an old or new photo and would like to help Amber, please email it to: Amberchinson(at)gmail(dot)com


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