Monday, June 11, 2012

Dream of the Day: School

What was your identity in school? Were you a geek, jock, techie, nerd, goth, outsider, insider, none of the above? When you dream of school what is the purpose? Are you reliving your past identity or creating a new outlook?

My Dream

Last night I had a dream that primarily took place at school and on the school bus. The characters in the dream were elementary school classmates. I did not write this dream down. Lately, I have been a bit lazy on that front. From what I remember:

 In the dream I was walking down my first grade hallway with a classmate, we had left class early because we wanted to go to the school cafeteria. We had some flyers and news we wanted to tell people. As we walked towards the door, the Principal walked down the hallway. We were afraid to continue going down the stairs, because we knew we would get in trouble, so we stood reading a bulletin board until the school bell rang. We then laughed about how it was very obvious that we left class early and we went outside to pass out the flyers to our classmates. We then walked to the school bus section and as I was getting on the bus a classmate needed directions to a train stop, which I proceed to help before I got on the bus. My classmate asked me how I knew how to get to that stop. During the bus ride, I had a classmate say some sharp words to me and we proceed to exchange words as the rest of my classmates watched. I then got off the school bus and started to walk home. At this point, the dream shifted elsewhere.

Tony Crisps’ Dream Dictionary Definitions
(Paperback and Kindle Edition- affiliate link) 

I have had dreams of school before, but always dismissed it as the subconscious going through old memories. However, today for some reason, I decided to look up the meaning of school, schoolmates, classroom, and bus. These are the definitions:

School- The learning process;  what we learned at school – not  lessons, but interrelationships, class structure, competiveness, authority, mortification, group preferences, etc.; habits of behavior or feeling reactions developed during those years- puberty occurs at this time and confronts us with many new feelings, choices, and drives. Can sometimes refer to feelings of rejection or aloneness due to the stress faced by many children on leaving their mother for the first time to attend school.

Classroom- study; relationship with authority; whatever sense of oneself engendered by school. Maybe you need to ask yourself what you actually learned at school.

Places in school- particular abilities or difficulties you have

School friend- your attitudes developed in school, as you are ’meeting’ them in the present
Bus- experience, undertaking or relationship with a group of people; direction taken in company with others; trying to get somewhere but depending on others; overweight problem

My Analysis

Wow! I usually don’t look at dream dictionaries as providing unique interpretations to each individuals dream, but this definition was spot on for me. Lately, I have toyed with the idea of returning to school for my PHD, but decided against because I am over the institutions of education. I would rather go to school and take individual classes or workshops to learn trades that can further me in my Lisa Inks business- accounting, grant writing, bookkeeping, web design, certifications, etc. Going to graduate school to further my education is not what I want or need. It did not help me the first time around. I feel like I have learned more on my own than I ever did in school. School taught me how to live on my own and network; that is about it. I also lately have been having family pressure me to go back to school for either nursing or public health. I actually, came close; I turned in my CV and started to fill out the application and then it hit me- not again. I will not succumb to family pressure and I will stand confidently beside my ideas. Before I graduated college, I threw away all my law school applications, because I was only doing it for family. When I took the year after college to work, I felt pressured to hurry and go do something, so I quickly found a graduate program. I am not going through that again.

In the dream, a classmate asked me how did I know which bus stop, it is almost like I was asking myself, how I know what I do already. Though my dream may not directly be related to going back to school, I do feel it somehow relates back to authority, feelings of depending on others, and relationships. Despite my business Lisa Inks steadily growing, I still cannot get the time of day with family. Every conversation turns to having a job or going back to school. While I appreciate their concerns, I would appreciate it more if they recognized my skills and talents and backed me in my thirst for entrepreneurship. Instead of offering to pay for me to go to school, it would be nice to offer a gift or investment into my ventures. I feel like this dream, was filled with all my thoughts and feelings that I go through daily. The other day I said on the Closed Lids Facebook status:  I have stoppedworrying about the past and the future and I am living in the now, the present!What a great feeling! Let go and live!

Amen to that.

Have you ever had any dreams of school or classmates? What did you get from that dream?  


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