Sunday, June 10, 2012

Does Neuro-Linguistic Programming Work?

If someone told you listening to a ten minute program everyday would increase your productivity and in turn improve your personal development, would you sign up? I love learning and because of my curiosity for new things, I experiment with many new programs and books. I am a bit skeptic with all the programs that claim to improve individual's lives and mindsets, but I am a firm believer of don’t knock something until you try it. When it comes to world religions, I own many different religious texts, because I cannot refute a belief without knowing about it. When it comes to different types of diet lifestyles, I try them or read up on them, because how can I say one is better than the other until I know for myself. If a friend is bad mouthing another person, I reserve my own opinion until I have spoken to or been in the presence of that person. I try to live my life with an open mind and without judgments.

As mentioned in a previous post, I am working on creating new streams of passive income, inspired by the Steve Pavlina PassiveIncome Series. I am documenting my journey on my Lisa Inks business blog. In one of his blog posts, he mentioned the Ultimate You Mindfest, a six day online event that touches on:

Day 1 – Succeed by Design: Eliminate procrastination and hesitation
Day 2 – Activate Your Automatic Pilot: Vaporize negative self-talk and self-sabotage
Day 3 – Believe in Yourself: Whisk away limiting habits of mind
Day 4 – Follow-through with Unwavering Consistency: Hardwire inner drive and amazing self-discipline
Day 5 – Feel Great about Yourself: Remove the negative influences of other people
Day 6 – Open the Flow of Prosperity: Use the immense power of your mind to attract what you choose

For each day of the course, you get two programs — one lesson and one paraliminal. The Mindfest is hosted by Paul Scheele, who co-founded Learning Strategies and is an expert of human performance, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), accelerated learning, and preconscious processing.

I love the word free and learning about new things, so I signed up and listened to the preview lesson. I was listening to the lesson in and out, because it was more of an introduction than a lesson, but however, I completed the entire ten minute paraliminal. That was very interesting. I was in a relaxed state and Paul Scheele talks during it, it isn’t hypnosis, but it reminded me of it. Afterwards, I’m not sure if was because of the tape, but I was very motivated and got a lot of work completed. He suggested listening to that ten minute sequence every day until the start of the Mindfest. I haven’t done that, but I might.

Have you ever done anything similar? What were your experiences? 


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