Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stop Looking at the Past

I just jogged for the first time in a little over two months. I have definitely fallen off the wagon. Two months ago my two mile jog with no stops, was at 17 minutes. Today it took me 32 minutes and 47 seconds with walking in between. I went with my younger sister who is captain at a Division I soccer team. During the summers, she is my partner in crime. I like to exercise with people who are in better shape than me, so I can push myself to be at their level. Jogging with her is always a strenuous workout because she pushes me to run, not settle for jogging. So I have to give her a big thank you for pushing me, even though my personal best today was only 32 minutes and 47 seconds

Before we started our jog, I told her what trail I had in mind and she told me point blank, that I was not ready. I had to tell her, that I had done that trail many times before. However, without sugar coating it, my sister told me- that was then, this is now. I have realized that I have to stop looking at the past. Yes, it would be nice to return to my college basketball days, but why stop there. Why not I strive to beat that shape and get in a different and more improved shape. I need to stop referring to everything as- well in October I did this and in 2008 I did that. Well this is now. I need to work with what I have now. If 32 minutes and 47 seconds is what I can do now, then let me shoot for shaving off 5 minutes in the next three weeks. Let me look forward and push myself to a new personal best. My sister told me, why do I want to settle for the 17 minute two mile jog, why not shoot for 12 minutes. That is exactly what I am shooting for. By summer’s end, I am going to hit that new personal best.

I also realized I need to set realistic goals. My original plan was to wake up at 7am and jog, but that is not realistic. I am not a morning person. I always am more motivated to exercise in the afternoon, late evening, or late at night (24 hour gyms are my best friend). So, I am going to reverse the schedule a bit, I will be exercising at night, not morning.

Today my food intake was erratic. I just ate what was around me.
10am; Breakfast- egg sandwich
12pm; Snack- pancakes (lol, I know what is wrong with me!)
3pm; Lunch- Meal Movement
I still have not eaten dinner. I know I am supposed to be eating on the clock, but I am not hungry. I will make myself eat at 8pm.
I also, will bust out the juicer and make that cabbage juice– I am very curious to how that will taste.

If you would like to give Meal Movement a try, let me know. I will give you a code and you can receive 25$ off your first order and 60$ off your second order (and each on after) when you refer a friend!

I will continue to update you on my journey. 


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