Thursday, May 10, 2012

Self Help Reality

If you are like me, you probably read many self help books or blogs or read many spirituality or new age themed books or blogs. I have been reading and digesting all this information for years, but it was not up until recently I realized, that was just it; I just read and digested. I do not turn all the wisdom into actuality. I am determined to make a change and turn the “I am going to…” into actuality. I am going to take what I have read and learned and actually put it into practice. It will take time to make it a habit, but I am committed to making my dreams and aspirations reality.

I thought of this while reading Steve Pavlina’s web series on generating passive income. I always read his blog, but this time he had a topic that I was committed to trying. I have been thinking to myself that I would like to create passive income and this series was the boost I needed. Over on my business blog, Lisa Inks, I will be posting my passive income story. This is a chance for me to take at least one self help blog’s advice and turn it into actuality.It will be fun to see me turning these words of wisdom that I always read into reality.

Do you take the advice you read in self help books or blogs? 

~ L.

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