Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Arbor Day 2012

I love trees! I blogged about them before. I don't know what it is about trees, but I feel like they talk to me 

when I go jogging or biking. Every idea and inspiration I receive, starts off as a small seed planted by the 

soft breeze of a tree. Enjoy these pictures of trees I took.

Happy Arbor Day 2012! Please don't take trees for granted. Plant a tree. Make a difference!

Photo Credit: L.Marie

Photo Credit: L.Marie

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~ L.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Start today and become more earth-friendly and make choices that will lead to a sustainable future for future generations.

Photo Credit: L.Marie

~ L.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Why I No Longer Interpret Dreams

I have been in love with sleeping and dreaming for a long time. In nine days I will be 27 years old and I have been recalling my dreams since I was about 5 years old. The first dream I can recall- was a dream of all white. That was it, all white, the world was white. When I woke up the next morning and looked out the window, I saw all white. We were in the middle of a snow storm. I remember running to my aunt and mother and telling them that my dream came true. I remember them looking at me and saying that it was just coincidence and for me to get ready for the day. My excitement and desire to tell individuals about my dreams ceased and up until about four years ago I did not start to tell people about my dreams.

Around my sophomore year of college my dreams started to get stronger and more predictive, I started to have lucid dreams and my interests in dreams slowly started coming back. In 2008 and 2009, I started to frequent the Dherbs community forum. Many individuals on the site would post dreams and I naturally was drawn to the conversations. I started to interpret dreams for individuals for free. I did not do elaborate interpretations, but a basic overview of what I felt the dream was conveying. Around this same time in my personal life I was in graduate school, studying sports business and began visualizing possible businesses I could start. I started to brainstorm what kind of website I could start that would give me some income. I decided to pursue dreams and astrology because I was giving already free consultations and had positive feedback. I felt that if I started to charge, then I would start to make some money. Encouraged and rooted on by the people who I used to give free consults to, I launched my Closed Lids website.

I guess I was naive to how a business becomes successful. On the business front, my website had a lot of web traffic especially from Facebook, Twitter, and search engines; people liked to come to my site and read. That made me happy, but what did not make me happy was the lack of money coming in from the astrology and dream interpretation services. Where were all the people who came to me when my services were free? The same people who said if I started charging, they wouldn’t hesitate to purchase packages. I was giving way more than what I gave for free. The average person who purchased my packages received about a 10 page dream interpretation, free eBooks, and unlimited conversation with me about the dream. I even made different price levels to accommodate all. I made some decent side money with Closed Lids, but not the way I felt a business that received so much acclaim and web traffic should make. Despite these shortcomings I still decided to interpret dreams. I enjoyed it. However, somewhere along the line I started to lose interest and the desire to interpret dreams and even write. 

I started to get overwhelmed. I have read in my New Age books and articles that when dealing with other individual’s energies and issues (positive or negative) it is imperative to protect oneself. I was not doing this. I was reading plenty of dreams and investing all my energy and thoughts into analyzing them, but I was not protecting my aura. I began to look at dream interpreting as a chore. It was draining. I felt like I always had a headache. I was investing way too much of my energy into reading into other people’s dreams.

Dreams to me are almost like a window to an individual’s soul and heart. I was in many individual’s souls and hearts; and while some are pleasant, others are not so. People, me included have issues. And to take on other people’s issues is draining. I wanted out. As much as I am into spirit guides, auras, energy, positive thought, astrology, etc, I am not that into it, to have continued pouring my energy into it. And the problem was me. I was pouring energy in, but not conserving and protecting my energy. I tried to no avail to fix the situation, but I couldn't. I was totally turned off to dream interpreting and astrology.

Till this day people will ask me questions about dreams and I give the same response- I no longer do dream interpretations. Some are confused. Others annoyed. Some understanding.

Closed Lids, I now know was a stepping stone to my other business Lisa Inks. Though not related, I learned from Closed Lids how to market, build a website, write for an audience, and more. Closed Lids helped me as a practice for Lisa Inks.

I used to worry about what would happen to Closed Lids. I am changing and Closed Lids is changing with me. I wondered if I would lose readership. I wondered if I was making the right decision. But at the end of the day, who cares what other people think. Closed Lids is my creation and I can change it to what I want it to be. Those who like it will stay. Those who don’t will leave. There is room for everyone.

For now, Closed Lids is just a space for information and sharing.  I write about my life, dreams, the environment, home remedies, wellness, and spirituality. I just don’t charge or conduct astrology charts or dreams interpretations anymore.

I decided to share my thoughts, because some people have asked me and others I’m sure did not notice, because they visit Closed Lids for information. You can continue interacting with me on my blog, website, Facebook, or Twitter. 

~ L.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Now I Can Sleep Well: Review of Nulivlifestyle's SleepWell

If you have been following this blog for some time, you know that I love to sleep, take naps, and dream. Anything dealing with those three things interests me. When I had the opportunity to try NuLivLifestyle’s SleepWell, I was skeptical at first; an all natural supplement that would help with deep sleep? 
The act of sleeping is a state in which temporarily activity ceases to occur in the human body. Our natural circadian rhythm runs on a 25 hour cycle. It is during this cycle that drowsiness sets in approximately every 12 hours. The reasons behind why we sleep are divided into two common theories. The restorative theory is based on the principle that we sleep to restore and revive our mind and body. This theory suggests that the body rests, while tissue and nerves are renewed. During this time, the brain shifts through information that has been collected. The adaptive theory is based on a survival principle. Through evolution it has become natural that animals find food during the day/night, because of optimal sight ability. During the night/day the animals rest or hide because of limited sight ability. Whatever the reason why we sleep, it is common belief that sleep deprivation can cause multiple issues in the waking world. Sleep is a human function that is frequently being researched, however it is common consensus that it is essential to our well-being.

Now knowing the background of sleep, could a natural supplement aid with deep sleep?  SleepWell is a natural supplement containing the following plants: hops, lemon balm, passion flower, valerian, angelica, zizyphus, and polygala. SleepWell also contains the following compounds: melatonin, 5-HTP, and L-Theanine.
So, could these ingredients help with sleep?
After reading the NuLivLifestyle website, I decided, I had to try it and see for myself. It was almost immediately that I began to see the results. I took the supplements for thirty days and it was one of the best sleeps I had in a long time. I woke up restful and felt like the quality of my sleep improved. I was nervous that after completing my thirty days of SleepWell, I would not be able to continue having deep, uninterrupted sleep, but that was not the case. Even now a month or so later, I still am able to maintain a restful sleep. 

To find out more about NuLivLifestyle and SleepWell  you can find them on the web or on Twitter

What are your favorite sleep aids?


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