Sunday, February 12, 2012

Are You Pregnant?

Okay I've seen enough of those pics to ask this question - are you pregnant?!?!?!” This was a message sent to me on Facebook a few weeks ago. My first reaction was humor, my second was sadness. I had just posted my pictures from Haiti and I was feeling great. When I came back from Haiti, I felt like I looked slimmer, my clothes were looser, and I just overall felt better. I never thought I looked pregnant. It took a lot for me to post my pictures from Haiti. Over the last two years my weight has fluctuated so much, that I didn't want friends or family, who haven’t seen me in awhile to look at recent photos. Me putting up my Haiti pictures, was me feeling confident enough in myself to post pictures again.

My response to that comment “ lol, no I’m just fat haha.” Her response, “But I thought u were an avid basketball player...The minute I sent my comment that no I’m just fat, I regretted it, why would I put it out into the universe that I am fat, when I am not; when I am in shape, play sports, go to the gym, etc. I am just fat in my own eyes, because I compare myself to previous years. To people on the street, I am not fat. Her response, made me chuckle a little because there are plenty of people who are heavy set that can play sports and do so with ease.

The whole interaction was interesting for me, because I realized I still have some deep rooted issues with weight and self image. I don’t know where it comes from, though I have an idea, but it is something I still work on everyday. No animosity toward this person that wrote that message to me. If she is reading this post, know I just wrote this post as a self relfection and reminder that I have work to do. That message was my wake up call and no hard feelings, I needed to read that. Even though, I do not look pregnant, I do know, I need to drop some weight.

I have been lucky to partner up with a friend who is a personal trainer. He challenged and assigned me to the task of exercising six days a week for at least 45 minutes each time and to eat a strict diet. I have to do this because I am ready to return to my best hsape that I was in when I was age 22-24. I am now 26, turning 27 and I would like by my 27th birthday to create a new best shape. Be at a place where I am happy with my size. Starting tomorrow I will begin my intense road to dropping 50 pounds or being a size 10. It doesn’t matter, whichever I reach first, I will be satisfied. The trainer said we will go for dropping 10 pounds by April 11th  along with dropping fat. I personally want to go for 20 pounds, but I will be patient and do things the healthy way.

I will give you weekly updates and let you know how I am progressing.

What I look like now

What I look like now

What I look like now

What I look like now


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