Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Transformation

Six months ago, I wrote about losing interest in my passions and life purpose. I wrote the following:

Today, over on my personal blog, I wrote about losing interest in my passions and life purpose. Since April, I have been unable to tap into certain gifts of mine (dreams, spirit guides, etc). I wasn't sure what was going on, but I assumed that I just lost my touch and it was time to move on. I decided to take some time off to relax and reevaluate.

Closed Lids is something I started almost 2 years ago as a medium for me to interpret dreams for individuals, but over time I realized that Closed Lids can be much more and decided I wanted to change directions. It first started out with in my own personal life; I realized that sleep and diet played an important role in recalling my dreams, thus I started posting more about diet and sleep. Then I realized that having a sound mind and soul also played a part in me tapping into all my gifts. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that even the surrounding environment plays a part in becoming whole. I started to toy with the idea that Closed Lids can be a wellness company that touches on many different topics; dreams, health, spirituality, environmental issues, etc.

During my break I felt guilty that I started Closed Lids as a new age/dream company, but now wanted to include various topics. I then realized that just like life, Closed Lids, is undergoing change and transformation. Things go through change.  Without change, progress cannot be made. Once I realized that it was okay to change and transform, it seemed like my block lessened a bit. I hope that in next coming months, you the readers, will be patient and supportive in the new direction. I am not sure where Closed Lids is going, but I do know that it is somewhere positive.

Six months later, I am at another crossroad. I have made the decision to combine my personal blog with Closed Lids.  The posts over on the other blog are transferable and could easily be written on Closed Lids. That blog started out as an outlet for me, while I was in graduate school. I was bored and never written creatively, I decided to start a blog that would give me a place to share my stories and thoughts. Overtime, my blog, L.Marie Dreams became almost like an online journal. I discussed weight, love, life, my journey, etc. Even though that blog had minimal traffic, it was a place that I called home, but even a home needs change. With the opening of my new business, Lisa Inks, it became difficult to maintain three sites, especially since L.Marie Dreams and Closed Lids were so similar. By combining both blogs I am completing the circle; I will be posting on my life, my challenges, alongside with dreams, wellness, spirituality, and the environment. I will share personal stories and more. I hope with this change you will learn more and stick with me as I try new things.

I will be adding posts from L.Marie Dreams onto Closed Lids . I hope you enjoy these past stories.


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