Monday, August 15, 2011

It's All About Respect

Desiree Serrano

From generation to generation, it has always been said to us by our parents to respect our elders. Our parents are normally right when they bring us up in the world and it should be something we should “recognize” the term respect. A lot of the drama that individuals face today is based on respect and disrespect. It is funny how such a small notion has torn a lot of people apart.

Through business and personal relationships respect can either go in a positive or negative way. People should realize if you want to be treated in a certain way you must act accordingly. Treat others in how you want to be treated. Of course there are mis-communications that can occur and some people take it too far and serious repercussions occur.

A person’s respect is earned, you are not going to get it just because you are related or good friends with somebody. Through acts of kindness and by being genuine, many people view things in a different sense and reward it by gaining someone’s respect. In many situations people often wonder why a business relationship goes sour, it is not always about the money but in some situations it is how the person was mistreated and causes them to realize that if my character and dignity is threatened, I am not able to trust and have this person’s respect anymore, it is not worth conducting business with them anymore.

I would say in any type of relationship whether business or personal, many times words can be hurtful or taken the wrong way, but if that person has the audacity to take my kindness for weakness – they certainly do not respect me and so why should I respect them.

I know that there are all different types of respect and for some people they can forgive or some cannot. My view on this is if I am going to give you all the respect you deserve, I should expect it in return. This is where a lot of people differ in opinion. I know that I am a good hearted individual, I am very forgiving, compassionate,  and understanding, but once someone disrespects me, I feel that they do not value me as a person and I see in their eyes if they have done it once, they will continue to act that way, so it is best to sever all ties. I understand it sounds severe but in most cases you have to go with your gut feeling and know in your heart that you deserve the best and if a friend, loved one, or business associate cannot give you the respect that you rightfully are entitled to – it is best to move on without looking back since this makes you the stronger individual and it shows that you respect yourself enough to say I DESERVE ALL THE RESPECT and I am not going to let anyone take that away from me.

Desiree Serrano

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