Friday, August 5, 2011

The Fear Within Needs To Be Unleashed

Desiree Serrano

Why is it that most people are not happy in their current lives? The answer is quite simple... they are afraid to take a risk into the unknown. I know that there are a lot of people are afraid to take risks…..the reason is the outcome. How bad can something really be unless you venture into the unknown? If you are not planning to do something illegal then why prevent yourself from taking an adventure? As we look back into our younger lives, there were plenty of things we did and we were not afraid? Yes, I understand that there is no real responsibility as you are a young child, but look now as an adult. You can still act young and be reckless like a child but with certain restraints.

Why live with regrets and look back and say wow I wish I did that? There are many things you can still do……you need to get over that fear and realize that there many worse things that can debilitate you. Think of it this way……….each time you get in your car and go to work each are placing yourself at risk the moment you get into your car.

Put your faith into God and know that he is looking over you and he will protect you. Many
fears haunt you and yet if you overcome a lot of these fears you will be so much happier and
you will feel relieved. I can say, I had fears myself and I realized one day – why should I fear anything in life…from the moment we were born – we knew that someday in our life, God has the power to take our life at any given moment.

Each day I wake up, I am thankful and blessed knowing that God has given me the right to breathe, so don’t take it for granted anymore and do not let your fears get the better of you because someday you will be faced between life and death and you cannot LET FEAR WIN ANYMORE! Search within and know that you are better than your own fear – your power of thought can overcome anything as long as you let it be your best friend.

Fear itself cannot be ignored, when you let it get the better of you, it will progressively get worse not only in your daily life but also will affect you subconsciously in your dreams. Change that and you will see results.

Desiree Serrano

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