Saturday, August 20, 2011

Discovering My Past Life!

Last night I discovered I was a man, a woman, black, white, and indigenous to the Americas. For 60 minutes I was able to discover several of my past lives.

The night started off with a thunderstorm and soothing raindrops. After a brief introduction, the facilitator Tony, gave a presentation about past life regressions and hypnosis. This was calming to me, because I was nervous about the experience and what I might see.

After the presentation Tony told us to assume a relaxing position and then proceeded to conduct a group hypnosis session and regression. He guided us through a white light, a happy place, and placed us in a deeply relaxed state. It was then he proceeded to guide us through imagery that would allow us to tap into our past lives. After we were guided to this state of relaxation, we were left to experience the regression.

This was my first time being hypnotized and I was unsure I would be susceptible, but at the same time I thought it would be easy for me because of my inclination towards the ‘unknown’.

I experienced several things. Before we began the regression and I was in the relaxation stage- I was in a happy place with a huge blossoming tree with a swing. I was a child swinging and was with my mother (deceased) and I was happy. As Tony, began to guide us away from the happy place and to the point of entering the regression. I then was an adult on the swing and my mother was walking away and I told her to come back.

I then entered the regression and immediately saw 1919, 1851, 1858. I then saw flashes, not in any particular order:

1. Me as a flapper or dressed in the style of the 1920s. I was dancing and having a great time. I had the impression that I was some type of suffragist, but felt a bit of irony, because my husband was not the most understanding person. I got a feeling this husband was one of my past boyfriends (in this current life).

2. Me as a soldier marching. I had a blue uniform with gold metal and a large blue hat. I was holding a rifle. 

3. Me as slave? Sharecropper? I saw a flash of a handsome man’s face and felt sadness/love. I then saw us running and had a feeling we were being chased. He fell into a ditch and I was trying to help him, but he told me to run and leave him.

4. I then saw a woman and a man (unsure which I was). I got the impression these people were indigenous to maybe South America or North America. I lean towards South America because we were canoeing down a river with a dense forest surrounding us.

During the regression, I was fully aware of my surroundings. I could hear the voice of Tony and I could feel my friend shifting next to me, yet I was in such a deep relaxation stage that I barely moved. Towards the end of the regression, I felt a tingling on the right side of my face. I started to let my thoughts enter and I wondered if I would remember everything once I came out of the hypnosis. I also wondered if I was hypnotized.  When Tony was beginning to retrieve us out of our hypnosis, I already opened my eyes and was out of it. I think at that point, I was ready to leave.

During the regression, I saw flashes of pictures, heard words, saw words, smelled scents, and felt emotional sensations.

After the regression, we had the option to share our experiences and we had an open discussion. The eerie thing that happened- after I shared my experience about  my mother, my friend next to me said she had a voice enter her head before we started the regression that said “L. needs her mother.” That was interesting because it occurred around the same time I saw my mother at the tree.

Overall, the experience was a good one. I did a group regression because I wanted to try out the regression process before experimenting with a private session. The entire event lasted approximately 2 1/2 hours, which was a nice length and the regression part was about 1 hour. If I were to get another regression, I would want a private session, so I could focus on my particular concerns. A group regression, you are basically ‘on your own’ without the queues of the regressionist. It is still a good experience, but I feel a private session might address my needs. Tony and his wife were very accommodating; they provided water, pens, notepads, and the comfort of their home.

I am interested in going back to Tony for a regression and other services. If you are in the New York area you can contact him:

Tony Nunziata- Certified Consulting Hypnotist

If you would like to learn more about regressions, I suggest reading:
Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss
Discovering Your Past Lives by Gloria Chadwick

~ L.

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