Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Being Positive in a Negative World

Desiree Serrano

Why is it that Society dwells on drama and feeds off of it? Many people wonder why they still see themselves stuck in the same situation day in day out. You can be successful if you are motivated enough to just worry about yourself and not worry about what the other person thinks.

You are your own person who makes YOUR OWN DECISION and realistically if you choose to make a wrong choice, you are the one who suffers the consequences not the other person. Not all situations are the same especially if certain consequences affect a loved one or family, but in certain situations you have to be selfish to become a better and more positive individual since this enriches the mind, body and soul. These are very important components that people tend to forget about and neglect since they are only focused on one thing WHAT OTHERS THINK?

If you are paying your own bills why does it matter if another person is trying to hinder your success. The important thing for you to keep in mind is that you should care for yourself and not worry about what others say or think.

I see that most people are afraid of change and are hesitant to take the next step to make it possible for them to be successful. There are a lot of different factors that come into the picture: some people are not patient enough, not a risk taker and don’t see the real picture. They are often influenced by friends and loved ones - I am not saying it is wrong to listen to another person's thoughts or opinions but just remember you are they key to your own success!

Of course there are certain risks involved in daily life that each individual takes, but in all honesty nothing in life goes smoothly – we are all faced sometime in our life where we have to make a choice whether good or bad or easy or hard --- it is all about choices. In life, you have to experience certain things to make you realize that you need to change or continue the same path. A lot of people choose the same path since they are too comfortable and scared to take the unknown path. Seriously, if you take a step back certain risks are not that bad it just takes longer for you to reach your goal, but isn't that worth making improvements in your life?

There are some people who take life or things for granted and do not realize until it is too late. We should be grateful for many things that we have in our Life, since the Lord can easily take our life away. A theory that some people should think about is that they are blessed in what they currently have because there are some individuals who have it less fortunate than them. This is what I feel would help a lot of people to succeed is to be PATIENT, HAVE FAITH and know that you are BLESSED in what you have….trust me I speak from experience I used to be negative and I saw that it does not help you it only prevents you from being successful and it drags you lower into a hole.

I feel that if you reach out to people on a certain level, they will listen and you can guide them in a different light that they have not seen and you will inspire them to become successful in whatever they want to do if they put their mind to it.

Desiree Serrano

“Speaking my Mind and hoping to Inspire Many”

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