Friday, June 17, 2011

Closed Lids Bookshelf: Wellness

Last month you caught a glimpse of the Closed Lids Library collection of business books. This month you will catch a glimpse of the food and wellness books on the Closed Lids Bookshelf. 

Each month I will showcase books on my shelf in order to give you an idea of what I am reading and where I am gaining my knowledge. The following list contains my 36 books that deal with food and wellness: 

1. Naturally Thin, Bethenny Frankel
2. Food Fundamentals, Margaret McWilliams
5. Spontaneous Healing, Andrew Weil, M.D.
6. Encyclopedia of Foods and Their Healing Power(3 book set), Dr. Pamplona-Roger
7. Reflexology, Inge Dougans
8. Energy Medicine, Donna Eden
11. The Complete Book of Fruit, Bob Flowerdew
12. Making the Cut, Jillian Micheals
14. 12 Steps to Raw Foods, Victoria Boutenko
15. Green for Life, Victoria Boutenko
16. African Holistic Health, Dr. Llaila Afrika
17. Juicing for Life, Cherie Calbom, Maureen Keane
18. Heal Thy Self, Queen Afua
19. The Art and Soul of Haitian Cooking, The Haitian Institute, Washington DC
20. Country Life Vegetarian, Diana Fleming
21. Light Eating for Survival, Marcia Madhuri Acciardo
22. Tapas, Tomas Garcia
23. Fiber and Digestion, Dr. Earl Mindell
24. Herbs for your Health, Dr. Earl Mindell
25. Trace Minerals, Dr. Earl Mindell
26. Herbs, Jennie Harding
27. Body for Life, Bill Phillips
28. The South Beach Diet, Dr. Arthur Agatston
29. The Little Pilates Book, Erika Dillman
30. 750 Cocktails, Stuart Walton, Suzannah Oliver, Joanna Farrow
31. Indian Cooking, Madhuri Jaffrey
32. Herbs for Cultivation and Usage, John and Rosemary Hemphill
33.The Vegan Gourmet, Susan Hadler
35. Poison in your Food, Ruth Winter

Enjoy! Next month I will list my history books.

February- Dream books
March- Spirituality books
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May- Business books
Dream Sweet! ~ L.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Writers Needed


Closed Lids has created a niche within the wellness, spirituality, and new age blogosphere. 
Closed Lids reader base is growing and contributors are needed to keep the blog flowing.

Closed Lids is looking for driven and passionate writers, musicians, artists, photographers, (or interested 
individuals) to contribute to the blog- daily, weekly, monthly. This is a flexible and unpaid 
position.  Topics range from: environmentalism to spirituality to new age to health and fitness.  
There are multiple openings available and this is an excellent opportunity for an individual who 
wishes to write about topics of interests and market their own websites/business to a growing 
base with monthly views over 1000, Facebook following of over 200, and a Twitter following of
over 1,600.  


August 1, 2011/ongoing 


For all those interested please reply to this ad with "Closed Lids contributor" in the subject line.  
Please include a brief 50-150 word statement on why you would like to write for Closed Lids 
and your topics of interests. If you desire, you can send a writing sample. 


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