Friday, April 8, 2011

Review + Giveaway: The Comfort Cross

Time for another Closed Lids giveaway! This giveaway is guaranteed to give you comfort in times of need. With a possible government shutdown, recession, natural disasters, high unemployment rates, not to mention the daily stresses in life, it is no surprise that many crave comfort and security. 

In the past, the giveaways on this blog were dream dictionaries. When it came time for me to choose the next giveaway I was a bit apprehensive. I was unsure how the readers of this blog would respond, but I realized that one staple of Closed Lids, is the ability to keep an open mind. 

My Experience

Thursday March 31, I received My Comfort Cross in the mail. My task was simple, carry the cross around for a week, discuss my experience, and host a giveaway. Though my task was simple, my experience was a bit more complex. 

I was raised Roman Catholic, but do not practice any faith, religion, or doctrine. I was unsure how holding a cross would be beneficial to my life. Yet, when I opened my package in the mail, I was excited. I received a beautiful wood cross, a velvet case, and a small note card with the following verse: When I am afraid. I will trust in you. PSALM 56:3.

The bible verse that was on that card was appropriate and fitting for my current life situation. I decided to use the cross as I would use a crystal during meditation. When I reflected prior to bed I held the cross and just kept still. Other times, I carried the cross around in my purse or pocket. Towards the end of the week, I ended up a few times falling asleep with the cross in my hand. Last night I had a dream that I was talking with a woman about my comfort cross and how it seemed like all my worries and pain were absorbed by the cross.

Overall, I felt great comfort from the cross. I didn't feel stressed and I felt like I had an outlet for anxiety. I didn't carry the cross around as a religious object, but just as something I can use to release frustrations. I will still keep the cross near by and use it in the same manner as I have in the past week.

What is the Comfort Cross?

"The Comfort Cross is made from genuine olive wood in Bethlehem, the Holy Land.  Designed specifically to fit within the contours of your hand they are perfect to hold during prayer or meditation" - The Comfort Cross

How can You Get a Comfort Cross? 


Two lucky readers* will win The Comfort Cross!!

The Details

The winner* must live in the United States. 

Post your comment by 11:59 EST Thursday April 14th. 

I will pick the winner by random selection and notify by email. Check back on April 14th to see if you are a winner!

To be entered to win, you must answer the question. 

The Question

Leave a comment at the end of the post. Answer the question: What gives you comfort?

Bonus: Want to increase your chances?

Twitter:  Tweet a link to this blog post and come back to let me know in a separate comment.

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Good Luck :) 

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