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Mix It Up Monday: Mamo+Parker- Supple Spring Skin

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Supple Spring Skin

The picturesque days of spring are inching closer by the hour. As we’ve moved from February into March, we’re sure that like us, visions of sunshine, flowers and springtime fashion are dancing around in your head. But before you can be perfectly prepared, you have to let go of the toll that the cold can take on your skin. For spring, we envision supple, dewy, pristine skin, and even though you may be thinking your skin took too hard of a hit from winter, the skin experts have a little something different to say about that. Across the board, here are their top three tips.

  • Hydrate, from the inside and out. Water goes a long way when it comes to your skin. It’s sets the foundation, so drink away! That thick as Vaseline moisturizer that’s perfect for the winter tundra needs to take a backseat to a lighter one for spring, so start easing into the shift.
  • Out with the old and in with the new. Take the winter effects away, literally, with exfoliation. You know your skin type better than anyone else. If you’re oily, you can take a little more. Dry? Keep it on the light side. Exfoliation doesn’t mean ripping your skin to shreds, so choose your product wisely. It doesn’t have to be so gritty that it hurts — it doesn’t even have to be gritty at all says Heidi Waldorf, MD, director of dermatologic laser surgery at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City. Choose wisely, but definitely do choose. It’s not just the dead skin cells that need to go, it’s also the wintertime make up. Be light and free in the spring with a lighter coverage foundation.
  • The final tip is a bit of a secret, but we’ll share it anyway. Make your face a priority. To keep skin soft, supple and spring time perfect, you have to take care of your face every single day. Cleanse, moisturize, hydrate — make it a routine.

Spring is right around the corner, so go ahead and get started — we are!
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By: Mamo+Parker
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