Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Gift of Clair

When ever I am dealing with clients or individuals who are interested in my services, I often run into a common question: Are you psychic? What should I do? These questions are perfectly normal, because there is a lack of understanding about individuals gifts and abilities. I often like to inform individuals that I am unable to tell them which direction they should take, because their life is their own destiny. I will go on to tell them, that my services are available to assist them in their understanding of what their own dreams are telling them. I have many gifts and abilities, this I know because I have tapped into them on several occasions; some by chance and others on purpose. I will get into this later on in post. 

There are several sensory gifts that begin with the prefix, clair, which means clear. When a word begins with clair, it is referring to any gift that uses the senses-seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling. 

  • Clairvoyance: perhaps the most commonly known gift, which is the ability to see images/pictures of things that are far away and/or see spirits or angels. 
  • Clairaudience: is the ability to hear/listen to messages that are inaudible to others. 
  • Clairalience/Clairscent: is the ability to obtain knowledge via the sense of smell(odors/aromas) that comes from another source. 
  • Claircognizance: is the ability to obtain knowledge by just knowing, without an explanation to why you know this information. This concept to me is similar to intuition. 
  • Clairknesis: is the ability to feel spirit guides and/or angels. 
  • Clairsentience: is the ability to sense feelings, emotions, energy, or vibrations. 
  • Clairtangency/Psychometry: is the ability to touch an object and obtain information based on the vibrations left from the past owner/history
  • Clairgustance: is the ability to taste food/substance without actually putting that substance into the mouth. 
  • Clairempathy: is the ability to connect emotionally with a person, place, even animal. Normally people who are empaths actually feel the emotion of that other person. They are in touch with the energy, vibration, and auras. 

Out of these 9 Clairs, I have tapped into: clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairtangency. I believe claircognizance is what allows me to give accurate dream interpretations and precognition is what allows me to have dreams that come true. I also briefly tapped into channeling, that experience is whole different post in itself. 

All gifts and abilities strengthen and improve with practice. I have not practiced everything, because I have a slight fear of what will come. Like Uncle Ben said in Spiderman "with great power, comes great responsibility" - and that is what I fear; with all these possible gifts, will I be able to handle the pressure. In the long run I would like to find my niche/specialty and focus on 1-3 gifts. 

Did I miss any of the clairs?  Do you feel that you have any gifts? 

~ L.

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WitchInTheCity said...

I am clairsentient. Great post explaining these gifts!

Changing Woman said...

Thank you WithInTheCity. How have you strengthened your gifts?

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