Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dream of the Day: Espionage Thriller

The Closed Lids Dream of the Day is an interesting one because it is MY dream! You don't want to miss out on interpreting this dream! Everything that is the dream, is in italics

DREAM OF THE DAY: This dream had a few settings, I was in New York, Florida, a secret job location, and a park in an unknown location. The dream switched from setting to setting without it making sense how I was in the new location. In my dream I worked for a large company. This company had an employee who wanted to take the technology and use it for evil. The device if activated would instantly combust people, but instead of being consumed by fire they would explode into particles. So the employee went to the corporation, which was disguised as a dance studio and was arranging the device to go off. While he was getting everything together, the cover of the corporation was revealed by one of the kids in the dance studio. this happened because the kids were having a dance rehearsal and they discovered the hidden rooms. My boss and another woman, were trying to blend in with the crowd because they did not want to be associated with the employee. So the employee with his cover almost blown hastily put together the device. The device was put on this silver stand and was shaped like a yellow whoopee cushion.  At this point, I am not sure if I am observing this part because I am there or I am observing because I am the dreamer. 

The next part of the dream I am in New York and the device is about to go off. The employee gets a call from my boss and she tells him that he set the device to go off in the wrong location and it was going to go off in New York. The employee was shocked and looked at his watch and realized he was in the exact location. He was on a date and his last words were "I fucked up." At this point I am there not with him, but still in the same area, but as the device goes off and everything instantly disintegrates, I am about one foot outside the radius. I am in shock and so sad because parts of New York just disappeared in front of me. I see the people explode into particles and the cars too. In the same moment news flashes are going across the globe and people were saying that 1/5th of the population was gone and that the New York disaster was going to effect the entire global economy. Everything was chaotic and people were screaming and crying for their loved ones. At that very moment, a family member(Bob) called me and said "I am flying there now."  I tried to tell him that I was fine and would take the subway home and I would figure everything out. 

Somehow even, though he was coming to New York, I ended up in Florida. Bob and I started to discuss how some family members were lost in this explosion and it was up to me to disclose to the world what my boss did. So we ended up investigating and walking into this apartment complex(it appeared to be in a low income area) and I see my boss and another woman and to her face, I smile and say hello, but I turn to Bob and say in Creole "I don't like her and I don't trust her. I think she is the one that reconfigured the device for New York." I told Bob "I am going to expose her!" As I said that, I turned and saw my boss give me a weird smile. It was at that moment I realized, she understood Creole. So I am now panicked and looking for my cell phone and I realize it is missing and I suspect my boss stole it. So Bob and I walk across the street to a park. 

I am not sure if this park is in Florida. At the park there are a bunch of people playing basketball and Bob asks me if I would like to play. So we walk to all the courts and the men are hardcore playing, so we go to an empty court and start shooting around. This court starts to attract the 'reject' players; women, older men, young kids, and former high school/college level players. Everyone decides that we should play a pick up game. A woman and a man are picked as captains and everyone seemed surprised that she picked me first. But she turned to me and whispered "I watched you warm up, I know you are good" So as the captains take turns picking players, I kept trying to tell my captain who to pick, but she ended up picking a team composed mostly of women and a few young men. I was annoyed because I really wanted this young guy to be on our team. As the game started, it turned out that my squad was actually good and competitive. I scored a bunch of points and a crowd started to watch because the game turned into one of pride. 

A little boy who was on the opposite team was shown no mercy by me and all the other players and then Spike Lee stepped in to show the little boy how to dribble and score against taller people. On the next court, playing volleyball was the Atlanta Hawks squad. Al Horford, Joe Johnson and a few others decided to play volleyball in order to loosening up for their playoff game. They turned to look at the game going on my court and started to observe. 

After this point, I do not remember how the rest of the dream went, but it started to fade out and I woke up around 6 something in the morning, then went back to sleep. 

Long dream! My dreams are always feature length. I would say that 85% of my dreams come true or have significant meaning. I am not sure what this dream means to be honest. I have a few ideas, but not sure. I will need to think about it some more, but this dream did have me going hmmm. 

DREAM DISCUSSION: What would you tell this dreamer AKA me ;) 

**Update: I just remember another part of the dream. When the employee was setting up the device the dance studio was practicing. The thing is, the dancers were being manipulated by this high tech equipment. The dance teacher was hooked up to this machine and then what she did was then projected into the dancers bodies and they danced the same. I remember looking at the teacher and thinking that was a cool device. one where you could manipulate and project what you want done into another person. 

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