Friday, March 11, 2011

Dream of the Day: 3 Suns

The Closed Lids Dream of the Day is an interesting one because it is MY dream! You don't want to miss out on interpreting this dream!  

This dream I remember more in images, I will try to express what I saw in words. 

DREAM DESCRIPTION: I was on a street in an unknown location, it looked like it was a Caribbean styled town and reminded me of my grandmothers block in Haiti. In the dream, the rain was coming down hard. It was a warm rain on a warm day, but it was heavy. I am looking down a hill and I have somewhere to go, but I am afraid to drive the car down the street because it is raining so hard that it was beginning to flood. As I peeked my head outside of the driveway, I saw that water was coming down the street as such a rate that it would be near impossible for me to drive against the current. I watched all the other cars  go down the street easily because they were going with the current. Eventually the rain settles and I drive down the street, at a stop light, I somehow get out the car and am on a block that is three blocks away from my home. At this point I am jogging and I reach the corner and this good looking man was standing next to me. He was smiling and we had a nice conversation. He was turning right towards my house and I was turning left and I turned to him and said by the way my name is Lisa and here is my number and he smiled. He stated he was glad I gave him my number because he was too shy to ask and he wanted to hang out later that day. 

In the next scene I am at my grandmothers apartment with my siblings and a few kids that I used to babysit. We are all hanging out watching movies and preparing for the guy that I met jogging to come over. When he finally came over he was no longer the guy that I saw, he was Dwight Howard(or looked similar to him).  After having a few conversations, everyone was shocked that I was  friendly with Dwight Howard. 

In the next scene we all gathered inside the car to go to Dwight Howard's next door neighbors home. It was a beautiful home and there was an eclipse of some sort going on with the moon and sun. I was rushing to take pictures because I knew this phenomenon would not last for long. I got a few good shots inside of the house of the three suns and/or moons in this beautiful orange/yellow color. One sun was black, the other orange/yellow and black, and the last all orange/yellow. I decided to go outside to take pictures. As I was outside trying to take the pictures my camera would not work. It was taking about 40 seconds to actually take a picture and I was getting anxious because the three sun phenomenon was ending. Finally the neighbor came to me and clicked a red button on the bottom of my camera and told me that was the reason why my camera was taking a long time to load. I was thankful, but it was too late to capture the phenomenon outside. It was like all the three suns disappeared right before me eyes. 

DREAM DISCUSSION: What would you tell this dreamer, aka me? 

This dream was very interesting to me, because prior to bed I had an interesting channeling experience. I am wondering if some of that information that I received transfered into my dream. 


Anonymous said...

I had also a dream in march 23rd were i saw 3 suns (orange/yellow) and a red moon.After that there was a lot of ufo's.I got in one of them and saw that all the seats were reserved by ppl's names, but i couldn't find the seat with my name on it.
And i have had a lot of dreams being in some excotic place by the sea.

Changing Woman said...

Thank you for sharing your dream experience with me. So interesting we had similar dreams around the same time.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous....HOLY MOTHER ...last nights dream i had WAS ABOUT 3 SUNS and a whole bunch of alien spaceship flying about..........this is too eerie......I wonder how many people are having this same dream......

Changing Woman said...

Interesting you say you wonder how many people are having this same dream.... I actually get a lot of hits from people coming from Google searching " dream of 3 suns" Maybe it does actually mean something.

Anonymous said...

Hi again!
I was looking through the dates of my dreams and saw that i
had a weird dream (23.3.2012)exactly one year later of my "three suns dream".
In that dream i was rising up towards the clouds and up there i met
Jesus pointed down to earth and said to me: mene, hae Daniel.
In my language it could mean: go, get Daniel. But it didn't make any sense to me, as i only know one Daniel and haven't seen him in a long time.
Then i desided to google the Bibles and Daniels connection and found out
a strange coincidence in the book of Daniel.

Daniel 5:25

25 “This is the inscription that was written:
mene, mene, tekel, parsin

26 “Here is what these words mean:

Mene[e]: God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.

I have never read the book of Daniel, so this was new to me.
I thought, that maybe Jesus said: mene, get Daniel so i would look for and find that writing in the books of Daniel.

But as i was decending down from the clouds, i became very sad
when i saw ppl going up to the sky and a lots of ppl left on the ground.

Lisa Marie said...

Wow! Interesting that you had another intriguing dream a year later. Sounds so cryptic, like a change is going to come. Did you read more of the book of Daniel? Maybe that book has a message for you and your life journey.

John Hall said...

I also had a very lucid dream i felt was very significant. I was in Africa, or some distant place. It was in the middle of the night but for some reason the sun was rising. It was an eclipse of some sort and I looked up and Saw three suns, or 2 suns and one dark moon. I then felt i very high frequency around my heart chakra. I was within someone, a friend of some sort and i saw a meteor flying at us and it was a space shit that stopped right in front of me for a second, then blasted off like han solo when engaging in hyper speed. This was around June/July, but i was recently talking to a friend who had a similar dream and decided to look into this. I am very interested in the significance of this dream.

Lisa Marie said...

Very interesting dream John. I am not sure the significance behind this dream and why many have similar dreams. I will need to look more into it.

Anonymous said...

Hi again!

Yes, i read the book of Daniel.
The word "reing" is written differently in my native language bible. Translated to English,it could mean
"empire, realm, independent state, kingdom or domain."

But it's in the real life were the weird stuff
has begun...
If someone would have come up to me last year and said
"demons are real", i would have laughed.
I have always known there's good and bad, but never really believed
anything bad would manifest/show it self to me.
Now it has happened 3 times this year.(yeah, i do sound crazy i know)
And i think there's more to come, as "it" said
"we will meet again".
Strange thing is, i was not afraid of it at all, as
i have my full faith in Christ. Dunno if this is the right place
to tell about these things but, why not?

I think there's a big deception coming.
Everything is not what it seems.

For example,
i just bumped in to this video last nite.

The eyes are the mirror to the soul they say?
Look closely in her eyes @ 0.49-0.50 try
to pause it and play it frame by frame, when she opens her eyes.
I don't think it's a fake, as i watched her other

2 Corinthians 11:14

Anonymous said...

Hi.... Sooo weird I was 15 when I had a dream about 3 suns and me climbing up a mountain with the 3 suns in the sky and the sky was a dark goldenish color... I always thought it was weird and woke up with this whole strange feeling... Like what the heck was that about??? And for some reason this dream just recently popped in my head and I decided to google it today

Anonymous said...

i had a dream where i was gazing across a mars/desert like scenery no sound animals or people.. just vast land. as a looked slightly above the horizon i could see three closely bundly yet at different distance sun like stars that seemed to be the planets source of light. when i awoke, i googledplanet with three suns and seen that nasahad recently discovered a planet with three suns..

Anonymous said...

I saw three suns at time of sun set and i was trying to take pictures of the exotic cene. As sun and clouds were mingling then i saw the sun turned in to star and poped like firework. Plx tell me if anyone knws about this dream.

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