Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year(Spring Festival)! February 3, 2011 marks the year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese Lunar/Solar calendar. Traditionally, the New Year will begin in the middle of the 12th month with the second new moon and end in the middle of the first month with a waxing full moon. This time period for the Chinese is one of the most important festivals. This is a time that is focused on the home and the family. Many will partake in dinner feast with family and household cleaning in preparation for the year. The New Year is one that last about 15 days, with each day symbolizing something different.
Photo Credit: L.Marie

Last year was a Tiger year, this year is a Rabbit year, and next year is a Dragon year. 2010,  was a powerful year, 2011 will be a relaxing(healing), and 2012 will be a transitional(wild) year. A Rabbit year is one that should be used to relax, heal past relationships, travel, and make peace. The element that governs Rabbit is  earth, however the element that is associated with this 2011 Rabbit year is metal, which indicates money and life should be kept simple. Spend wisely, keep the home uncluttered, and live a more minimalistic life.

Following the Chinese tradition; yesterday and today I spent clearing up my room and discarding items that were no longer necessary. I love spring cleaning and often clear up my space every season. A clear space equals a clear mind.

Will you honor the Chinese New Year by spring cleaning? What traditions do you follow?

Dream Sweet ~ L.

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