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Mix It Up Monday: Lindsay- Epiphanies Through Dreams

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Epiphanies Through Dreams

Dreaming: by h.koppdelaney on flickr
Dreams are one of my favorite topics, as evidenced herehere and here. There’s just so much growth and knowledge that can come through in dreams, ya know?
A few nights ago I had dream in which I was very ill. I was awake and conscious, but couldn’t move. I was so weak that I couldn’t open my eyes. In the dream, I was lying in a red sleeping bag — much like a cocoon. I resolved myself to feeling ill and let myself fall back asleep in this proverbial cocoon I had myself wrapped in. The dream ended.
The following night, I found myself in the same dream. But this time, my body had miraculously healed and I found myself able to make my way out of this sleeping bag/cocoon. I walked around aimlessly, surrounded by people and not having a clue where I was. And yet, although I was lost and didn’t recognize any faces, I wasn’t overwhelmed or scared. A warm feeling of peace washed over me.
It was in that wave of peace and warmth that I had an “epiphany” of sorts – we really are all connected. This message came to me in the form of an emotion but it was also a thought. Much like an “AHA!” a light bulb moment we sometimes get when we finally figure something out or become inspired.
I suddenly knew that we’re all from one source.  We come to this life not as an “earth school”, but rather because we want to experience life, energy, our vital force in the physical form. It’s all for theexperience. Souls want to be here in order to feel things, see things, taste things and touch things. It’s all a big, wild ride.
What we think we are “learning” in this lifetime (and throughout the many lifetimes our souls live) we already know – we just don’t remember all of it. Everything bad and good that happens to us is a big pleasurable experience at the soul level.
Being on earth is a special experience for our souls. We choose to incarnate in this life to feel things: emotions, physical pleasures, to taste foods. To really experience all that life as a human being has to offer. Yep, even the painful stuff is something that is “good” in the eyes of our higher selves because it’s just all a part of this “ride” we’re on.
Dreams often send us important messages: about ourselves, others and life in general.  I’ve had many prophetic dreams or gone back and read through my dream journal only to find out a dream later played itself out in reality. My spirit guides know they can get clear messages sent to me (and fun ones, too, like predicting pregnancies!) through dreaming.
Have you had any dreams that carried heavy/important messages for you or someone else? Do you keep a dream journal?
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Elle said...

My spirit guides are really at work on me!!! This article is speaking to so many truths that have been coming to me in dreams, books, random things strangers say to me on the street, etc. Awesome post :)

Changing Woman said...

Wow! Elle! Now that is serendipity for you. Falling upon such messages is not always luck or by chance, they all have meanings that relate to your life.

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