Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dream of the Day: Moon on Fire

The Closed Lids Dream of the Day is a wild one. You don't want to miss out on interpreting this dream! 

DREAM OF THE DAY: Ok so me n some ppl were standing outside as night was beginning to fall so we looked up and the moon was on fire and started looking like it was falling (kind of like a shooting star) so it seemed like it circled the earth but it went around 3 times before it finally fell so we are all standing there... n awe, then it starts to rain, but the rain is red like blood (I told u this shit is weird) 

so then we go inside this building (I'm guessing it was a church) we explain everything to this pastor n he tells us its the end of time. There are children around and they have sores on their faces.... I go to the mirror. And look and see ...that I have 2 on my chin/cheek as well. When we wake up the next day everything is back to normal the sores are gone from my face and a little kid comes n and tells us we got a 2nd chance but a bunch of ppl n colorado died bc they drank some drink (I think that last part is bc I fell asleep watching the dark knight though lol)

GROUP DISCUSSION- What would you tell this dreamer?


Nadia said...

creepy! maybe a little bit of the movie entered into his dream....i forgot what it was about, but i remember it being pretty dark.

Changing Woman said...

MY BRIEF ANALYSIS FOR THE DREAMER: fire often represents passion, sexuality, anger, the moon your inner thoughts, femininity, love, escape, and falling is a loss of confidence/security, tension. The combination of the moon in the sky on fir...e falling shows that you are at a turning point in your life, you are changing your viewpoints and are reaching a new maturity. However this point that are at in your life you are unsure of what to do, your inner doubts and feelings are 'fighting' against this new viewpoint/maturity that you have. Even though you doubt this path it is something that is some what intriguing, because in the dream you all stood in awe watching the moon circle.

you possibly could be having doubt because of your family more specifically your parents may not be on the same page you are. These emotions that you are feeling are causing you to doubt.

you might be experiencing some self image issues(the sores on the face). are you not projecting your beauty the way you should? are you treated as child amongst your peers and fam? these feelings are nothing to worry about, because just like in the dream, when you wake up, it is gone. These thoughts and feelings of inadequacy are all in the mind.

I am not sure if you are a church person, but the fact that you went to the pastor for guidance shows me that you seek guidance at times from people who are in positions of authority.

overall this is a dream of change, journey, and self reflection. It isn't a bad dream, though it evoked this feeling within you. take it as a signal not to worry about what people think of you or say about you, continue to do you.

Changing Woman said...

The dream is creepy because of the blood and fire, but dig deeper and dreams show more.

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