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Mix It Up Monday: Lindsay- Epiphanies Through Dreams

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Epiphanies Through Dreams

Dreaming: by h.koppdelaney on flickr
Dreams are one of my favorite topics, as evidenced herehere and here. There’s just so much growth and knowledge that can come through in dreams, ya know?
A few nights ago I had dream in which I was very ill. I was awake and conscious, but couldn’t move. I was so weak that I couldn’t open my eyes. In the dream, I was lying in a red sleeping bag — much like a cocoon. I resolved myself to feeling ill and let myself fall back asleep in this proverbial cocoon I had myself wrapped in. The dream ended.
The following night, I found myself in the same dream. But this time, my body had miraculously healed and I found myself able to make my way out of this sleeping bag/cocoon. I walked around aimlessly, surrounded by people and not having a clue where I was. And yet, although I was lost and didn’t recognize any faces, I wasn’t overwhelmed or scared. A warm feeling of peace washed over me.
It was in that wave of peace and warmth that I had an “epiphany” of sorts – we really are all connected. This message came to me in the form of an emotion but it was also a thought. Much like an “AHA!” a light bulb moment we sometimes get when we finally figure something out or become inspired.
I suddenly knew that we’re all from one source.  We come to this life not as an “earth school”, but rather because we want to experience life, energy, our vital force in the physical form. It’s all for theexperience. Souls want to be here in order to feel things, see things, taste things and touch things. It’s all a big, wild ride.
What we think we are “learning” in this lifetime (and throughout the many lifetimes our souls live) we already know – we just don’t remember all of it. Everything bad and good that happens to us is a big pleasurable experience at the soul level.
Being on earth is a special experience for our souls. We choose to incarnate in this life to feel things: emotions, physical pleasures, to taste foods. To really experience all that life as a human being has to offer. Yep, even the painful stuff is something that is “good” in the eyes of our higher selves because it’s just all a part of this “ride” we’re on.
Dreams often send us important messages: about ourselves, others and life in general.  I’ve had many prophetic dreams or gone back and read through my dream journal only to find out a dream later played itself out in reality. My spirit guides know they can get clear messages sent to me (and fun ones, too, like predicting pregnancies!) through dreaming.
Have you had any dreams that carried heavy/important messages for you or someone else? Do you keep a dream journal?
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Dream of the Day: Untitled

The Closed Lids Dream of the Day is an interesting one. You don't want to miss out on interpreting this dream! 

DREAM OF THE DAY: I remember having a dream about my grandfather a few months ago that really bothered me. He suffered a massive stroke in 1999 and he lives 600 miles away and I dont get to see him often at all. He raised me as though he was actually my father. I dreamed that he was laying in bed, all I could see was his head, then I pulled the sheets back from his body and he had the body of a 5 month old baby!! This really shook me up badly. It was so disheartening. Any ides what that could signify?

GROUP DISCUSSION- What would you tell this dreamer? 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Closed Lids Bookshelf: Dreams

The Closed Lids library has been steadily growing over the past few years. After relocating several times, and donating a few books a long the way, I am committed to growing a resource center to be reckoned with!

Each month I will showcase books on my shelf in order to give you an idea of what I am reading and where I am gaining my knowledge. The following list contains my 18 books that deal with dreams: 

1. All About Dreams, Gayle M. Delaney
2. The Woman's Book to Sleep, Amy Wolfson
3. Dream Telepathy, Ullman, Krippner, & Vaughan
4. Dream Dictionary, Tony Crisp
5. Dreams, Marilyn C. Barrick
6. The Interpretation of Dreams, Sigmund Freud
7. Living Your Dreams, Gayle M. Delaney
8. The Art of Dreaming, Carlos Castaneda
9. The Oxford Book of Dreams, Stephen Brook
10. The Bedside Guide to Dreams, Stase Michaels
11. Man and His Symbols, Carl Jung
12. The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall
13. What Your Dreams Mean, Polly Strong
14. Discovering Past Lives, Gloria Chadwick
15. Mysteries, Colin Wilson
16. Chakras for Beginners, David Pond
17. Modern Numerology, Morris C. Goodman
18. The Handbook of Dream Analysis, Emil A. Gutheil

Enjoy! Next month I will list my spirituality books.

February- Dream books
March- Spirituality books
- New Age books
- Business books
June- Wellness books
July- History

Dream Sweet! ~ L.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Mix It Up Monday: Andi K- 10 Reasons Why YOUR Crazy Tail Needs Therapy!

This week on Mix It Up Monday is a video about therapy by Andi K . If you would like to see more by Andi K, you can reach her on her webpage, YouTube, or Facebook, where you can find articles and services on life coaching, counseling, and transformation.

10 Reasons Why YOUR Crazy Tail Needs Therapy

By: Andi K

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Top 10 Eco-Friendly States

Are you team go green? Whether you are team go green or not, no one can deny that planet Earth has taken a massive hit due to pollution and other destructive actions by man kind. During recent times,  more individuals and cities are deciding to change their carbon footprint and help sustain this planet's resources. I chose these ten states as the top eco-friendly of the country based on number of cities within the state that are known for having good air quality, electricity use, and transportation habits and by their popular rankings.

The following states have cities that have repeatedly made different lists for green initiatives:
Photo Credit: L.Marie

10. Virginia- Alexandria, Newport News
9. Colorado- Denver, Boulder
8. Washington- Seattle
7. New York- New York City, Rochester, Syracuse
6. Illinois- Chicago, Joliet, Springfield
5. Minnesota- Minneapolis, St. Paul
4. Massachusetts- Boston, Cambridge
3. Oregon- Eugene, Portland, Oakland
2. Texas- Austin, Fort Worth, Laredo, Amarillo
1. California- San Francisco, Berkeley, Sunnyvale, Irvine, Santa Rose, Riverside, Pasadena, Norwalk, Concord, Fremont, San Bernardino, Thousand Oaks, Stockton, Davis  

Honorable mentions: Michigan, Kentucky, Hawaii, and Missouri.

By far California is the most eco-friendly state, however, some states like Washington don't have many green cities, but have strong initiatives and are green friendly. If I were to move out of New York to a new city, I would choose somewhere in California, Portland or Eugene, Seattle, or maybe Austin.

Do you agree with this list? Where would you move if you could?

Dream Sweet ~ L.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Personal Satisfaction

We often come into contact with the idea that our best isn’t good enough, as if this were actually possible. If you examine this notion, you will begin to see that it doesn’t make much sense. Your best is always good enough, because it comes from you, and you are always good enough. You may not be able to deliver someone else’s idea of the best, but the good news is that’s not your burden. You only need to fulfill your own potential, and as long as you remain true to that calling, and always do your best to fulfill your purpose, you don’t need to expect anything more from yourself. 

It’s easy to get tangled up with the idea of trying to be the best—the best parent, the best employee, the best child, or best friend. If we try to be the best, we run the risk of short-circuiting our originality because we are striving to fit into someone else’s vision of success. In addition, if everyone is striving for the same outcome, we lose out on creativity, diversity, and visionary alternatives to the way things are done. On another note, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve, but examining where this feeling comes from is important because wanting to be better than others is our ego coming into play. 

Letting go of the tendency to hold ourselves up to other people’s standards, and letting go of the belief that we need to compete and win, doesn’t mean we don’t believe in doing the best job we can. We always strive to do our best, because when we do we create a life free of regret, knowing we have performed to the best of our ability. This allows us to feel great personal satisfaction in all of our efforts, regardless of how others perceive the outcome. - Daily Om

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dream of the Day- Three Numbers

The Closed Lids Dream of the Day is a wild one. You don't want to miss out on interpreting this dream! 

DREAM OF THE DAY: The other day I had a dream that 3 lesbians were trying to pursue dating me. I asked 1 of them for $6 for conch & instead of her giving me $6 she gave me $120 dollars. so I noticed that I had 2 admires, I asked for $6, & got $120.

GROUP DISCUSSION- What would you tell this dreamer?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mix It Up Monday: Write Curl- Do You Want a Partner or Placeholder

This week on Mix It Up Monday is an article about relationships by Write Curl. If you would like to see more by Write Curl, you can reach her on her webpage or Twitter, where you can find articles on life, hair, and transformation.
Insert Man Here: Do You Want a Partner or Placeholder
Let's face it: Sometimes we want the relationship more than we want the man. We want someone to buy us a ring, put us on a pedestal and be our "plus one". We think that we need someone to save us from the doom and gloom of being the last one of our friends to settle down. It's no wonder that we get so frantic! I've heard guys say that there's something wrong with a woman over a certain age that has never been married. I have heard that the pickings are so slim that if you don't get yours now, there won't be any good men left. Nonsense, right? Maybe so, but many of us conduct ourselves as if these things were true.

Thanks to this culturally induced sense of urgency, women naturally begin to lose sight of what a meaningful relationship is really about and why it's worth the wait. So, I ask you the question: Do you want a partner or a placeholder? Of course most of us would say we want a partner. But our actions don't necessarily align with what our mouths say.

If you have a list of prerequisites, you are seeking a placeholder. If you have a certain type and won't date outside of that type, you are seeking a placeholder. If you are more concerned about the size of your wedding ring than your partner's hopes and dreams, then you don't really want a partner. You want a placeholder.

Our unrealistic beliefs about relationships set us up for disappointment and downright misery. Too often we think that personal fulfillment should come as a result of our relationships instead of being a foundation upon which to build them. Even if you are fortunate enough to find a man who fits your requirements and wants to be with you; happiness will still elude you if you are more concerned with the surface qualities of your union than the honesty and intimacy that is necessary to sustain it.

And what about how he feels? Is he supposed to be content with just showing up, picking up the script that you've written and delivering passionate lines of devotion to you on cue? He's a human being with needs, fears, strengths and weaknesses; not a faceless, dreamlike image that goes through the motions of loving you without any complexity or surprises. A healthy relationship is not about playing roles and meeting expectations, but about finding a middle ground on which both people feel respected and treasured as individuals.

If you are a woman looking for love, I challenge you to take a step back and evaluate your search criteria. Get into the habit of partnering with yourself and loving yourself unconditionally first. We cannot live in true happiness, single or not, when we entertain false assumptions and fail to value the things that really matter.

What do you think? We all have boundaries right?  So, how do we find a balance between honoring those boundaries and still learning to love unconditionally? 

By: Write Curl
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Life Transitions

Sometimes a part of us must die before another part can come to life. Even though this is a natural and necessary part of our growth, it is often painful or, if we don’t realize what’s happening, confusing and disorienting. In fact, confusion and disorientation are often the messengers that tell us a shift is taking place within us. These shifts happen throughout the lives of all humans, as we move from infancy to childhood to adolescence and beyond. With each transition from one phase to another, we find ourselves saying good-bye to an old friend, the identity that we formed in order to move through that particular time.

Sometimes we form these identities in relationships or jobs, and when we shift those areas of our life become unsettled. Usually, if we take the time to look into the changing surface of things, we will find that a shift is taking place within us. For example, we may go through one whole chapter of our lives creating a protective shell around ourselves because we need it in order to heal from some early trauma. One day, though, we may find ourselves feeling confined and restless, wanting to move outside the shelter we needed for so long; the new part of ourselves cannot be born within the confines of the shell our old self needed to survive.

We may feel a strange mixture of exhilaration and sadness as we say good-bye to a part of ourselves that is dying and make way for a whole new identity to emerge in its place. We may find inspiration in working with the image of an animal who molts or sheds in order to make way for new skin, fur, or feathers to emerge. For example, keeping a duck feather, or some other symbol of transformation, can remind us that death and rebirth are simply nature’s way of evolving. We can surrender to this process, letting go of our past self with great love and gratitude, and welcoming the new with an open mind and heart, ready for our next phase of life. - Daily OM

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dream of the Day: Moon on Fire

The Closed Lids Dream of the Day is a wild one. You don't want to miss out on interpreting this dream! 

DREAM OF THE DAY: Ok so me n some ppl were standing outside as night was beginning to fall so we looked up and the moon was on fire and started looking like it was falling (kind of like a shooting star) so it seemed like it circled the earth but it went around 3 times before it finally fell so we are all standing there... n awe, then it starts to rain, but the rain is red like blood (I told u this shit is weird) 

so then we go inside this building (I'm guessing it was a church) we explain everything to this pastor n he tells us its the end of time. There are children around and they have sores on their faces.... I go to the mirror. And look and see ...that I have 2 on my chin/cheek as well. When we wake up the next day everything is back to normal the sores are gone from my face and a little kid comes n and tells us we got a 2nd chance but a bunch of ppl n colorado died bc they drank some drink (I think that last part is bc I fell asleep watching the dark knight though lol)

GROUP DISCUSSION- What would you tell this dreamer?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mix It Up Monday: Kamadeva- The Beauty of Vocabulary

This week on Mix It Up Monday is an article by Kamadeva. If you would like to see more by Kamadeva, you can read previous posts

 The Beauty of Vocabulary: Expression, Income, Understanding

"In this context, then, consider the case of human language.  It is one of the most distinctive behavioral adaptations on the planet."

- The Symbolic Species: The Co-Evolution of Language and the Brain

In my studies I have found that vocabulary (in the form of language) is one of thee most important aspects of human expression.

Guide your mind through a world of business negotiations, classroom presentations, sports commentating, relationships- dinner dates, clandestine operations, movie scripts, court room trials, and even social networking conversations. What do you get? A web of people expressing themselves, for better or worse, through something we have identified as language.

Within all those scenarios, one thing matters- effectively communicating a message. A regular animal can communicate a simple message; human beings on the other hand, are able to communicate complex feelings, emotions, rules, critiques, etc. All that is done through vocabulary.

To take it back, vocabulary is defined as:

"The system of techniques or symbols serving as a means of expression"

As I have grown in age, I've began to see the importance of vocabulary. A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to increase my understanding of language and expand my vocabulary (so I could read more complex books, and express my ideas more proficiently), which led me to the dictionary (including etymology), and books such as How to Build a Better Vocabulary, Verbal Advantage,  and the Vocabulary Dictionary.

During these studies, I came to find out that the English language is VAST. It encompasses words from an assortment of languages, and contains advanced words that express a concept that would take a smaller word a few sentences to express. No lie, I would read the word, then turn to the definition, it would be around two sentences long.

You've heard the saying "A picture says a thousand words", how about, a words says a thousand words. For example, the word "sinecure", is defined as "a position that provides a good income or salary but that requires little or no work." That one is able to explain a complex set of realities.

As I studied more, I found that an increased vocabulary allowed me to express myself exceedingly. A short pool of words lacks the ability to describe all the phenomena we deal with in a cosmopolitan society; this is the reason new vocabulary words are created in the first place. Imagine trying to describe to your mother, how a fire started in your house using the words, "the", "but", "hot", and "damn". Could you do it? Is that even possible? Now imagine trying to describe an abstract concept such as string theory or a physiological function of the body with those same words. Not possible.

In our fast growing complex world, more and more knowledge and concepts have appeared (or rather reappeared), at one point there was no need to describe financial derivatives, it simply didn't exist; now it does. This, within itself has caused an increase in financial lingo.

After studying certain vocabulary books (financial, legal, and business dictionaries), I also began to decipher increasingly advanced lectures (such as audio lectures from Oxford economic professors or tapes from The Teaching Company), books, and speeches. Surprisingly, I learned that some so called experts use complicated words and phrases to intimidate people. I learned that when it was actually broken down and comprehended, the concept sometimes didn't make since or was flat out wrong/irrelevant. Learning new vocabulary words should have nothing to do with sounding smart.

I also was introduced to some complex concepts that couldn't be expressed in simple terms, simple meaning few parts. Now I know about the K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) saying, but some things are just not that simple, especially in the areas of finance, law, and mathematics.

When I was younger, my mother constantly had me learning new words, almost to a point where it was annoyin, based on that, I thought it was stupid. I now understand it’s all about expression, not to sound smart, but to smoothly get a point across, it’s about communication, the ability to express one's self.
The English language is a beautiful one because of its extensive roots. Contrary to standard history books, the Modern English language was developed and evolved during the period of the Moors occupation of Spain (which included most of Europe, not just the modern territory now called Spain). Scholars hailing from diverse lands like India, the Americas, and Africa huddled together in the great learning centers of Moorish Spain to create languages. For this reason you see English words that have roots in Sanskrit, Celtic, Latin, French, Norse, Germanic dialects, Dutch, and Arabic. It’s no coincidence the more advanced mathematical words are represented by Arabic root words brought by the Moors, for example, the word algebra.

Now, not only were sets of people represented, but also religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, all co-exited in the learning academies of Europe.

These institutions were chartered to produce Modern English. English is not the language of any one conqueror, it is a rainbow language, spanning across numerous geographical territories. That is what makes it beautiful.

According to Professor Dean Trembly of California Polytechnic Institute (CAL POLY), an extensive vocabulary is correlated with an increase in income. In his book, Learning to Use Your Aptitudes, he states: "money earnings are related to vocabulary. Within each occupation, those with larger vocabularies are more likely to profit. Put a dollar sign in front of each additional word you learn." Another Professor, this time out of Harvard- named Johnson O'Conner studied thousands of Americans of all ages, occupations, and levels of education for twenty years. His conclusion? "An exact and extensive vocabulary is an important concomitant of success."

There doesn't seem to be anything but advantages related to increasing one's vocabulary. Full and expansive expression of ideas, thoughts, and feelings, increased income, and the ability to devour and comprehend increasingly advanced subject material. Why wouldn't you??

By: Kamadeva

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year(Spring Festival)! February 3, 2011 marks the year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese Lunar/Solar calendar. Traditionally, the New Year will begin in the middle of the 12th month with the second new moon and end in the middle of the first month with a waxing full moon. This time period for the Chinese is one of the most important festivals. This is a time that is focused on the home and the family. Many will partake in dinner feast with family and household cleaning in preparation for the year. The New Year is one that last about 15 days, with each day symbolizing something different.
Photo Credit: L.Marie

Last year was a Tiger year, this year is a Rabbit year, and next year is a Dragon year. 2010,  was a powerful year, 2011 will be a relaxing(healing), and 2012 will be a transitional(wild) year. A Rabbit year is one that should be used to relax, heal past relationships, travel, and make peace. The element that governs Rabbit is  earth, however the element that is associated with this 2011 Rabbit year is metal, which indicates money and life should be kept simple. Spend wisely, keep the home uncluttered, and live a more minimalistic life.

Following the Chinese tradition; yesterday and today I spent clearing up my room and discarding items that were no longer necessary. I love spring cleaning and often clear up my space every season. A clear space equals a clear mind.

Will you honor the Chinese New Year by spring cleaning? What traditions do you follow?

Dream Sweet ~ L.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Have a Winner!

Photo Credit: L.Marie
We have a winner!! Congratulations to Pammy Pam! You won the Dream Dictionary by Tony Crisp! To all my other readers, don't worry, I will have another giveaway!
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