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Mix It Up Monday: PlantFolk- Creating Experiences

This week on Mix It Up Monday is a story by PlantFolk. If you would like to see more by PlantFolk, you can reach her on her webpage, where you can find hair care guides, soy free recipe guide, and artistic creations.

Creating Experiences

It was warmer than usual on this day and I sought refuge in a place that was air-conditioned and a worthwhile visit. I decided on the local bookstore. The blast of manufactured air did its job as I headed towards the Metaphysical aisle. Once I reached the section, I was greeted by a number of options. Being currently interested in divination/sorcery, I was thrilled to see titles such as Practical Magic, The Modern Sorceress, The Magical Life, etc. 

I glanced down and noticed that there were additional titles so I hiked my dress-top up and was grateful for wearing my comfy jeans that day. Once I found my balance I transitioned into a squatting position, which always created a feeling of strength and ease. I ran my fingers across each title in hopes that a book would select me. While engaged in my finger traveling I wandered into the Wiccan section and let my fingers rest for what seemed like a minute. Snapping me out my mental drift, a molasses drenched voice queried, “Interested in Wicca?” I arose quickly, adjusting my garment simultaneously.

I wanted to respond but my eyes were transfixed on the man that stood before me. He was tall, had a slender but muscular build, possessed a smile that indicated he knew happiness personally, and rocked a ‘fro that could put Huey Freeman’s to shame. Staring blankly at him was all I could manage to do until I became aware of my self. Remembering his question, which seemed to have been asked hours ago, I answered, “Not really. I was just looking for something interesting.”

Attempting to regain my focus, I returned my gaze to the books that waited to be read. Thinking he would have left after our brief interaction I moved towards the end of the aisle to check out additional titles. He stayed near and began thumbing through books while casually looking in my direction every so often. He began looking through a little green book and smiled a bit after skimming a few pages. Handing me the tiny book he stated that he thought I’d find it “interesting”. Smirking a little, I gladly received it and noticed that it focused on nature spirits. Nice choice.

He possessed an energy that was sincere, which was incredibly comforting. Being very intrigued at this moment, my mind began to race with questions – Was he a vegetarian? If so, could he cook?  How many years had he been living? Was he a solo bird? Did he smoke…anything? Did he drink? What makes him laugh? I decided to wait until we had another chance to converse, if there were to be another.

Almost as if he had picked up on my racing thoughts, he asked a question of his own, “What’s your name?” In a voice dipped in nectar, I answered, “Ada”. Smiling, he replied, “Nice.” Reaching into his olive colored messenger bag, he took a few sips from his water bottle before resuming our conversation. “I’d like to talk to you again, Ada. Do you have a business card?” he asked. 

A business card? I didn’t have one but that question served as a great reminder of why I needed one. I joked that I did not have one but I did have a sleek pen and a scrap of vintage paper. He chuckled a bit and reached into a compartment of his bag and produced a nifty looking card. He had a unique name, one that sounded ancient. The card also revealed that he was a graphic designer and happily self-employed.

After slipping his card into my bag I wrote down my information. Shifting my weight to one side I asked him when would be the best time to contact him. “Whenever you need or want to speak to me,” he replied. I smiled. There was such an ease about him that I knew that he was living in the flow. He just was. And better than that he didn’t have any expectations, simply living in the moment.

I wanted to grab his hand and take him to one of my favored haunts because I knew that it would be a mentally stimulating experience for the both of us. However, I knew I had to move on with the day and would have to end this delicious encounter. “Well, it has been a real treat meeting you today. I look forward to speaking with you soon.” 

Hearing this, he adjusted the strap on his bag and reached into it. Grasping a small stone and rubbing it quickly on his t-shirt, he placed it in my hand. A broad smile painted my face at the thoughtful gesture. It looked a lot like a piece of stone I had in my sacred space. “It has been a treat for me as well, Ada. This piece of chrysoprase will aid you in following your heart, if you allow it.” Looking at me intently he paused briefly, “We’ll connect soon.”

And with those words he disappeared into the walls of books. Gazing at the small greenish stone I thought back on why I visited that bookstore. I was searching for some kind of magic to wake me up, but realized that the magic I sought was easily accessible once I enjoyed just “being” in the moment.

By: PlantFolk

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