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Mix It Up Monday: Djehuty Ma'at Ra- The Real Reason Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Assassinated

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The real reason behind the assassination of one of America's greatest voices and leaders had nothing to do with white racism or integration. Try economics and U.S. foreign policy!

That's right! As long as Dr. King was telling poor and oppressed inner city Blacks to turn the other cheek and to be nonviolent with the their white oppressors and victimizers (those particular whites that oppressed and victimized Blacks) in Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama and other Southern states, Dr. King was no threat at all to the U.S. government.

But when Dr. King woke up, which I suspect had something to do with his brief meetings with Malcolm X, also murdered by the U.S. Government in cahoots with the Nation of Islam, Dr. King became a threat to his own government. Why? Simply because, like Malcolm X before him, Dr. King switched his attention from local or domestic matters, to foreign matters.

Dr. King had developed the gall to dare tell his government that the war in Vietnam was wrong, unjust, and immoral and that the U.S. government had its economical priorities all mixed up as it was spending way more money on national defense but little on real national concerns and issues such as poverty.

Dr. King sealed his own doom and fate one year to the day of his assassination in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Kings' anti-Vietnam War speech (entitled "Beyond Vietnam -A Time To Break the Silence") at Riverside Church in New York City on April 4, 1967 was the deathblow he dealt to himself.

In that historic speech, perhaps his best speech ever, Dr. King openly and publicly denounced the War in Vietnam and defended the stance of Black Muslim member Muhammad Ali who also had publicly denounced the War.

King also went on to offer practical and viable suggestions of how the U.S. government could better spend the nations' taxpayers' money instead of wasting the billions of dollars it was wasting on fighting an unjust and immoral war in Southeast Asia, but little did Dr. King or even President John F. Kennedy (also killed over the Vietnam War for threatening to pull out American troops) for that matter, know that U.S. corporations and businesses benefited from the Vietnam War as the war was actually started by the U.S. and financed by the international banking families which included the Rockefellers who made billions of dollars off the Vietnam War. It was no accident that not one oil field owned by the Rockefellers in Vietnam was bombed during the Vietnam War.

Dr. King threatened big business, the international bankers, and the U.S. government, all of whom profited from the Vietnam War and the loss of human life on both sides of the war. More than 55,000 American soldiers died in that war and even more would later commit suicide. Yes, more soldiers died from committing suicide than soldiers that died on the frontlines.

It is reported that 2 million Asians were killed in the war.

Dr. King crossed the economic and foreign policy lines and the U.S. government simply could not and cannot tolerate this. It's okay when you're at home in America telling Blacks to march, boycott, turn the other cheek, and to be nonviolent against their oppressor but you're barking up the wrong tree when you tell the mightiest military force ever known to man and on the face of the earth in all of history to also be nonviolent and to love their enemies.

Dr. King spoke on so many pertinent and pressing issues at that particular time in the nation's history in that historical speech of April 4, 1967. The man really offered wonderful and practical advice to turn this nation around before the nation was actually ready to turn around and start practicing what it preached so well.
Being technical, I guess I should say that it was inner city Black youth that got Dr. King killed. Why? Well, because in that April 4, 1967 speech, King talks about his hypocrisy that was brought to his attention by Black youth in Northern U.S. cities such as Detroit and Chicago who were rioting and using violence to achieve a means and an objective. When Dr. King advised Black youth in Northern cities to be nonviolent, Black youth retorted to Dr. King, "What about what America was doing in Vietnam - using violence to achieve an end!"

Dr. King, the bold and beautiful man that he was, knew he could never again tell another Black youth to be nonviolent when his own government was in Southeast Asia practicing violence and brutality and he himself hadn't said a word in condemnation of the U.S. government. King was certainly a man of great conviction.
So in 1967, Dr. King began to publicly denounce the U.S. government and this pissed a lot of people in political seats of power off, including President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Many of Dr. King's previous supporters alienated him after he went public with his denouncing of the U.S. government and it's agenda in Vietnam. Dr. King was no Uncle Tom! He exposed the real Uncle Toms, those who told him he was making a big mistake in crossing the likes of president Johnson by publicly condemning and denouncing the Vietnam War as unjust and immoral.

Dr. King is often called an Uncle Tom by many modern day Afrocentrists and black nationalists but nothing could be so far from the truth pertaining to the post "March on Washington" Dr. King. This post-1963 Dr. King was no Uncle Tom just as the post-Nation of Islam Malcolm X was no racist.

This was a new Dr. King in the late 1960's! Just when the U.S. government thought they had a good token of a Negro in Dr. King to conveniently lead and influence Blacks, Dr. King becomes radical and recalcitrant in his own way and ultimately pays the ultimate price - death, the same fate that awaited John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Malcolm X, Karen Silkwood, Gary Webb, or any other person who boldly decided to stand up and speak or tell the truth.

The irony of the matter is that Dr. King knew he would not live to see age 40. He knew this and even stated to his wife, Coretta, in the early 1960's that he would never live to see the age of 40 because the nation was too sick (referring to white racism). King pretty much predicted his own death some 7-8 years before it actually occurred. And it's easy to tell from his last speech on April 3, 1968 that Dr. King knew his fate was sealed. It was written all over his face and seen in his eyes.

The real killers of Dr. King were traced back to an organization that carried out professional high echelon hits, called or known as PERMINDEX (Permanent Industrial Expositions) located in Canada (its founder, Louis Bloomfield, was Canadian) though formed in Switzerland in 1958, and with a branch in New Orleans, Louisiana (the branch that carried out the Kennedy assassination back in 1963 and which was substantiated by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison and many private researchers and investigators).

There were Masonic implications all over the King assassination just as there was for President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Dr. King was purposely murdered in Memphis, Tennessee because Memphis (also called Mizraim in the Bible) was the Egyptian (or Kemetic) city where the king (Osiris or Ausar) was sacrificed. This ritual of the killing of the king in Memphis (Egypt) was reenacted by Masons in political positions in the new Memphis in the South of the U.S.

With Freemasons, it's all about rituals and reenacting out rituals. Everything is planned with precision pertaining to public hits (assassinations) so as to effectuate a psychological hit job on the collective psyche and minds of the American people. This is why a sense of death of hope hit the nation in 1963 with John F. Kennedy's assassination and again in 1968 with the assassinations of Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy. These killers know what they are doing.

And poor James Earl Ray, just another proverbial patsy who was used in the scheme to serve as the fall guy just like Lee Harvey Oswald, David Mark Chapman, Sirhan Sirhan, and many other so-called Manchurian Candidates.

Ray told the truth about his role in the assassination and how he was under the orders of a mysterious figure named Raoul (who did in fact exist and a document bearing his name was found in the car that Ray used to leave Memphis after the assassination) who set him up as the patsy.

Martin L. King Jr. III, the son of Dr. King, publicly revealed that he believed James Earl Ray when Ray looked him straight in the eyes and told him that he did not kill his father and thus, Martin L. King Jr. III himself and the King family, knows a conspiracy was effectuated against the modern day prince of peace and declared this publicly.

James Earl Ray was purposely silenced before he could ever get another trial to reveal what he knew and failed to reveal initially, being injected with a chemical that induces instant cancer, the same chemical used on Jack Ruby ("They killin' me! They killin' me!" as shown in the 1992 movie "Ruby" starring Danny Aiello) and reggae singer Bob Marley.

So Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. may have been killed over his public denouncing of U.S. foreign policy (Vietnam War), the U.S. military budget, and poverty (Dr. King was organizing a poor people's march to bring attention to the nation's poverty crisis issue at the time of his death), but I will never part from my view that it was Black inner city youth that ultimately got Dr. King murdered because they struck a cord in the man's conscience that he couldn't ignore due to the profound integrity and courage he possessed. Dr. King, unlike so many other individuals during that time, challenged his hypocrisy and stood on his principles and conviction and the rest was history.

Thank you for reading!

This article was written by Djehuty Ma'at-Ra.
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