Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bringing Balance to Life

I have been a skeptic of the benefits of yoga for quite some time. Bringing balance to life through simple movements, in my mind seemed impossible. However, after randomly deciding to enroll in a Qi Gong class at my local library last spring, I decided to give yoga a chance. The movements of Qi Gong were soothing and so beneficial, that I figured that yoga could possibly give me the same feelings. Since last spring I have not done any yoga movements, besides on my Wii Fit. Even after a week of doing 15 minutes of yoga, I could feel my body limbering. Still, I did not enroll in a yoga class, one reason being the early classes at the gym and I am more of a night owl.
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I frequent the Raw Mocha Angel blog and today's post was fittingly on yoga. Raw Mocha Angel blog post was about a free 21 day yoga challenge that can be completed at an individuals own pace in their own home. Starting January 10, 2011, I will be participating in the Yoga Journal's yoga challenge that will consist of instructional videos, tips, and even vegetarian recipes!

I spent a large part of 2010 working on my mind and spirit. In hindsight, I failed to incorporate the practice that many individuals partake in who strive toward Zen living. I believe that in order to successfully bring balance to life, one must combine the mind, body, and spirit. A simple task if approached correctly can bring change to an individual life. I hope that in the next 21 days that I will join the millions of people that reap the benefits of yoga.

Do you practice yoga? Any tips? Suggestions? Words of Wisdom?

Today up until January 12th will be Readers Choice! What topics would you like me to blog about this week?   Today's post was inspired by two readers. What will the next post be on? It's your choice!

Dream Sweet ~ L.

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Stefanie Newell said...

I started doing yoga about five years ago but I haven't been consistent with it. I really plan to be more consistent this year since I've found quite a few people on Youtube who teach it. Its great for aligning the body and breath.

Changing Woman said...

Thank you for your comment Stefanie. It is good that you at least started practicing yoga. Yikes, since I wrote this blog post, I have not done yoga. I just cannot get into it, I do not know why. I think because it is too slow and I like cardio.

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