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16 Methods That Can Aid Your Sleep Habits

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 The following list* will guide you on your journey to mastering the art of sleep.

16 Methods That Can Aid Your Sleep Habits
1. Use your place of rest only for sleep: try to avoid watching television, using the internet, reading, studying, etc, while in your bedroom. Your place of rest should only be for sleeping.
2. Keep it simple: keep your bedroom quiet, dark, and cool (our body’s temperature decreases when we sleep).
3. Avoid stimulants: avoid eating or drinking things that contain stimulants. For example,  spicy, fatty, or heavy foods and caffeine.
4. Do not stay up late: avoid going to bed late and go to sleep early. Going to bed early ensures the proper allotted time for rest.
5. Wake up at the same time daily: try waking up at the same time every day, including weekends, vacations, and holidays.
6. Avoid exercising before bed: prior to sleep, your body needs to be relaxed. Exercising increases your heartbeat, when it is supposed to be decreasing.  Try exercising earlier.
7. Get a Snoogle: your pillow and mattress play an important part on your comfort level while sleeping. Invest in a quality pillow and/or mattress and in the long run you will reap the benefits.
8. Keep a regular schedule: try going to bed at the same time every night.
9. Keep a routine: try a routine prior to bed. If you like to light candles, say a prayer, and write in your journal before bed, keep that routine.
10. Meditate/Pray: clear the mind of thoughts prior to bed.
11. Nap: take at least one nap a day. Squeeze in 10 or 30 minutes during a lunch break at work or 1 hour during the day.
12. Take a Bath: take a relaxing bath with essential oils or salts to calm the mind and body.
13. Visualize: keep positive thoughts prior to bed. Try not to bring stress to your bed. 
14. Try Herbs to Induce Sleep: the following herbs act as a mild sedative for inducing sleep. Some also aid in dreams recall and astral travel: Lemon Balm, Mugwort, California Poppy, Chamomile, Yerba Mate, Kava Kava, Valerian Root, Catnip, Hops, Jamaica Dogwood, Jasmine, Lavender, Passion Flower, Peppermint, Sage, St. John’s Wort, Jatamansi, Lemon Verbana, and Roses.
15. Try Crystals: the following crystals aid in sleep, dreams, or astral travel: Moldavite, Charoite, Brown Tourmaline, Amethyst, Amber, Bloodstone, Jade, Hessonite, Calcite, Hematite, Danburite, Ulexite, Smoky Quartz, Moonstone, Rhodochroste, Celestite, Kerkimer Diamond, Howlite, Jasper, Kyanite, Green Sapphire, and Jet.
16. Foods that Induce Sleep: the following foods can aid in sleep: Bananas, Raw Food Lifestyle (in general), Almonds, Nutmeg, Flaxseeds, Honey, Cherries, Oatmeal, Potatoes, Tea, and Whole Wheat.
*Note: The list compiled is based off my own experiences and research. All herbs and remedies should be fully researched prior to usage. What may work for me or others may not work for you. Please be advised if you are pregnant, some herbs, should not be taken. Please do your research and/or consult your medical doctor or holistic practitioner for further questioning.

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Nadia said...

thanks for the suggestions!!!....i need to try getting to the gym earlier! but going late makes me take a shower @ night which helps me fall asleep sometimes.

Changing Woman said...

Thanks for reading Nadia. It all depends on what works for you. I also find that showering at night relaxes me and calms me down for bed. However, say for example I go out to a party with friends and dance the night away, if I go to bed when I go home, I will have trouble sleeping because my heart rate is still high. Vs. if you take a shower/bath and relax, which is slowing your heartbeat.

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