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Mix It Up Monday: Djehuty Ma'at Ra- Scorpio Health

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Scorpio Health

Scorpio - the Scorpion, is the 8th sign of the Western Zodiac. This sign happens to be my Ascendant or Rising sign making myself a Taurus with a Scorpio Rising.

Souls who incarnate between October 23rd and November 21st (some charts state November 22) are born under the constellation Scorpio.

Scorpio is a Water sign. In the language of astrology, this means Scorpions are people who are silent, mysterious types whose magic hypnotizes even the most determined realist. They have uncanny perceptions about people and as rich as the oceans when it comes to feeling, emotion, or imagination. These creatures are very sensitive, mystical creatures with memories that go back beyond time. They are emotional and intuitive.

Like their zodiacal and elemental brethren, Cancer and Pisces, Scorpions have the potential for the depths of darkness or the heights of mysticism and art.

Also like their zodiacal and elemental brethren, Scorpions are very emotional creatures. Emphasis on emotions is being stressed here to drive this point home. So if get with a Water sign, a Scorpio specifically, just know this in advance. And I'm not inferring it's a bad thing either. Not at all!

This sign (or people born under this sign) help finish projects started by others and are also very supportive and passive creatures. They have a very strong desire and inclination to please. Like other Water signs, they live through their emotions, imaginations, and intuitions.

Scorpio's astrological statement is "I desire!" This can cause Scorpions to be very materialistic creatures, especially if they don't get in tune with their spiritual side of existence.

In tune with their spiritual side, they are very balanced creatures; however, it is important for this sign to not cling to one extreme of the pole, being very spiritual to the detriment of their material side and nature, or being very material and to the detriment of their spiritual side. Balance is key here!

Traditionally pure Scorpions are said to have characters of a violent and irrational nature, are intense, powerful, and have magnetic attraction. They are generally dignified, reserved in conversation, easily hurt, quick to detect insult and easily moved by emotions.

Keywords that describe this sign are: Sensitivity, Transformation, Mastery (especially self-mastery), Suspicious, Covert, Trauma, Self-destruction, Vindictive, Magnetism, Power, Sexuality, and Controlling.

Scorpio is traditionally the most sexual and most intense sign of the Zodiac. Befittingly, Scorpio rules the sex glands.

Scorpio corresponds to the astrological Eighth House, which deals with Regeneration, Death or Mortality, Inheritance, Taxes, Sex, and Metaphysics.

Scorpions do well in occupations dealing with health and healing (regeneration), death (morticians, undertakers, embalmers, etc.), inheritance (probate law), sex (sex therapist, sex instructor, sex educator, adult film star, etc.), and taxes (tax preparer, tax consultant, or even tax protestor after they become familiar with the goals and ideals of the American Tax Honesty Movement which boldly claim taxes on a person's income is unconstitutional).

Quadruplicity-wise, Scorpios are "Fixed." They share this trait with Taurus, its astrological opposite, Leo, and Aquarius.

Scorpio's polarity is "Feminine." Feminine in astrological language means withdrawn, passive, and receptive in nature. These people are introverts whereas the Masculine signs are extroverts.

Other "Feminine" signs include: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Oxymoronically, Scorpio's ideal sign for marriage compatibility is Taurus, its astrological opposite. The reason why astrological opposites or polarities make the best soul mates or marriage partners (despite otherwise being an incompatible sign) is due to the fact that there are so many challenges when opposites signs connect, but when these challenges are overcome (as they are in time), you have two very balanced individuals. The opposite of conflict is harmony so polar signs arrive at harmony in the end and experience a very balanced relationship. I witnessed this myself with my parents, an Aries-Libra combination. Moms was an Aries and pops was a Libra. There were so many challenges in this relationship but it would later become balanced in the end.

Opposites signs help you to deal with your shadow side (or self) which manifests your negative traits. Your polar sign exposes you to hidden traits within yourself and help you to balance yourself, trait-wise. Your astrological opposite is your mirror upon which you can reflect upon.

Since your astrological opposite and hidden and negative self is Taurus, who better than a Taurus to help you overcome your shadow self and shadow traits? In the long run, Taurus is going to help balance Scorpio and vice versa, just as Aries is going to help balance Libra and as Virgo is going to help balance Pisces and so on.

Also, your astrological opposite is always in the element ranking immediately next to your own. Earth is closest to Water more so than it is to Air or Fire, so Earth signs are going to be more compatible with Water signs than Air and Fire signs as Air and Fire are further (farther, being technical with language here) away from Water.

After Earth signs, Water signs would be more compatible with Air signs and lastly, Fire signs.
We all are impacted by all the signs of the Zodiac and some of us who may not have a Scorpio Sun may have a Scorpio ascendant (such as myself) or a Scorpio moon.

In addition, you may have a few planets in Scorpio in your natal chart. All of the planets, signs, and houses represent archetypes that describe the Soul's consciousness because the Zodiac is nothing but a map of the Soul's journey through consciousness for purposes of Soul evolution.

In medical astrology, Scorpio governs the following bodily organs: genitals, reproductive organs, bladder, urethra, and rectum. There is a tendency with this sign to genital afflictions, venereal disease, rectal polyps, as well as sinus and adenoid trouble.

Scorpions are prone to the following diseases and disorders:
Sexually transmitted diseases
Uterine tract infections
Menstrual problems
Anal fissures
Crone's disease
Bladder infection
Uterine complaints (fibroid tumors)
Profuse sweating
Nasal catarrh
Pelvic inflammatory diseases
Intense body odor
Poisoned blood
Candida (yeast infection)

Because Scorpio is the polarity of Taurus, Scorpions can pick up health complaints commonly experienced by Taurus such as neck and throat problems and because Scorpio is also very prone to sinus and adenoid problems, Taurus in the chart during a time of sickness could enhance any troubles with the sinuses and adenoids.

Pluto, co-ruler of Scorpio along with Mars, rules regenerative cell growth as well as the revitalization of the mental faculties. The Chi force in this sign can overcome even the most serious and life threatening of illnesses.
As all 12 Zodiac signs have been assigned a cell salt that helps maintain the health of the particular sign and which the sign requires more of than any other sign or person, Scorpio too has a cell salt: Calcium Sulphate compounds that can assist the Scorpio in healing and maintaining optimal health and well-being include: Scorpio FormulaVenereal BusterCandida BusterYoni FormulaProstate FormulaBowel MoverSen-Fen FormulaColon FormulaParasite FormulaBlood & Lymphatic FormulaDetox TeaMoon Cycle Tea, and Sinus Formula.

Famous Sun sign Scorpions include:
Bill Gates, Ruby Dee, Larry King, Julia Roberts, Sean "Puffy" Combs, Lisa Bonet, Meg Ryan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ethan Hawke, Jodie Foster, Ike Turner, Whoopi Goldberg, Joaquin Phoenix, Sally Field, Goldie Hawn, Kevin Kline, Grace Kelly, Matthew McConaughey, Bo Derek, Dylan McDermott, Demi Moore, John Cleese, Martin Scorsese, Linda Evans, Danny Devito, Ann Reinking, Jonathan Winters, Richard Dreyfus, Lauren Hutton, Burt Lancaster, Rock Hudson, Q-Tip, Mariel Hemmingway, Art Carney, Jane Alexander, Mike Nichols, Brian Keith, Elke Sommer, Dennis Miller, Bibi Anderson, Sam Waterson, Richard Burton, Hilary Clinton, F. Murray Abraham, Maria Shriver, Charles Bronson, Kate Capshaw, Michael Landon, Tatum O'Neal, Harry Hamlin, Rickie Lee Jones, Henry Winkler, Bonnie Raitt, KD Lang, Roy Schieder, Neil Young, Lyle Lovett, Ruth Gordon, Nadia Comaneci, Ed Asner, Brenda Vacarro, Sir Francis Bacon, Pablo Picasso, Helen ReddySam Shepherd, Lee Strasberg, Marla Maples, Prince Charles, Art Garfunkel, Ted Turner, Voltair, and Jason Christopher (a/k/a Godson).

Thank you for reading!

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