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Mix It Up Monday: Jesus M. Maldonado- The Symptoms of "Mental Constipation"

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The Symptoms Of "Mental Constipation"; The Causes, The Effects, And The Healing Process

This article will be about the symptoms of "Mental Constipation". I will express my thoughts on what Mental Constipation means to me and how it may cause certain things to effect your life. I will also give you a brief view of how you may heal from this "Mental Constipation" and block it out completely from your life.
     One morning I decided I was going to study everyone I came into conversation with. I told myself that every time I talk to somebody today, I will bring entrepreneurship into the conversation and speculate what others thought about it. It was pretty interesting to hear many different opinions on the subject. One thing that hit me though, was that almost everyone I talked to seemed confused. It seemed like everyone that I had talked to felt like they had so much to say about entrepreneurship but they just couldn't get it out. They were Mentally Constipated!

My Definition

Mental Constipation: A blockage of some sort that causes the mind to become confused; which in turn leads to a cluttered and unfocused mental state.

Possible Causes of Mental Constipation

     Negative Energy - Negative energy can be a possible cause for the above symptom. Negative energy can be attracted in many ways, knowingly or unknowingly. Negative energy drains your creativity, imagination, thought flow, and overall mental energy. Which is why so many people in today's society are Mentally Constipated. They are overpowered by all the negative energy that is being emitted from countless sources such as Music, T.V., Video Games, and PEOPLE!
The Effects That Mental Constipation May Have On People

     The effects that Mental Constipation have on people today are seen on a everyday basis. So many people feel cluttered and confused which causes so many arguments and fights to happen because one person or another couldn't express themselves verbally which may cause one to become overly frustrated with themselves, possibly resulting in acting inhumane and becoming physical which is the result of WARS as we see it today. Also the majority of the kids in our generation are not participating in any positive groups or acts. Too much negative energy is being targeted to the kids which is why so many kids are failing school and dropping out.
Blocking Negative Energy(Healing)    

     Everyone on this earth has a vibration, and this vibration that you emit can be picked up by others. This means that everyone you come into contact with may change your state of thought, if you let them. Now this can be both good and bad, depending on what energy your body is picking up. If you are feeling a bad vibe from anyone you come into contact with, it is that person's energy that you sense. This lets us know who to keep away or limit from our life's because although you may be doing you, negative people will always try to pull you down and burn you out. BUT, the number one source of negative energy comes from yourself! Your mind is always thinking, and whatever you think a lot about will eventually manifest itself physically because your subconscious mind has been overrun by a constant stream of thoughts. Thoughts are very powerful and your thoughts will be the key to sculpturing your life, because anything and everything that we have created must have first been visualized, remember that!

     Also remember that your mind needs food just like your stomach, so eating the right way will play a big role in clearing your mind. If you've had your fair share of the S.A.D. aka Standard American Diet, then your body is most likely highly toxic and sick. You want to immediately stop that S.A.D. and choose your foods wisely (veggies,fruits,nuts,seed,grains,herbs etc), followed by a deep cleanse. Cleansing can be done by eating a RAW VEGAN diet for an amount of time that you choose to do ( 2-3 weeks preferred) or going on a liquid fast that may consist of only water, fresh fruit juice and/or vegetable juice, and on top of that you should supplement your body with herbs that are very healing and detoxifying. Exercise along with the above works hand in hand, and always remember your thoughts create your doing. Think right and your body will take you in the right direction needed to be in.

     We as human beings are far to smart and advanced to be confused and sick in these days of time. We need to stop sitting on our big o'l behinds and live to our full potential. No matter what negative forces are out there and no matter how many hard obstacles are thrown our way, we can succeed in doing the things we were meant to do on this planet. Give that brain of yours a mental laxative and empty your mind, so that it may be refilled once again! Thanks for tuning in and please continue to tune in for more articles to come. If you like this article please comment below to let me know what your "symptom" is, and I just might blog about it. If you have any questions that need answering please feel free to email me or comment below and I will do my best to answer them.

By: Jesus M. Maldonado

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