Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10: What Does It Mean?

It is 10:10am/pm on 10-10-10, is this a day to remember or one to be forgotten? Is there any significance to a day and time in an individual’s life? Numerology is the belief that there is a symbolic relationship between numbers and an individual’s life, personality, career, etc. Numerology was considered a branch of mathematics, but in modern times it is considered a tool that has no significance to our daily lives. Numerology can be used either by calculating numbers or by converting the alphabet to numerical value. Each number has a meaning and these meanings can be applied to an individual’s life purpose, career, personality, love, etc. A day such as October 10, 2010, catches the eyes of individuals worldwide because of repeating numbers. Each day has its own energy and to do the numerology of 10-10-10, one needs to break down all aspects of the date and numbers.

The Numbers: (10, 10, 2010, 3, 4, 5)

Zero (0) - Represents greater strength, limited space, and is a symbol of unit. Pluto is the planet equivalent to the number zero. Pluto represents death and regeneration, evolution, sex, and self knowledge. 

One (1) – Denotes change, intellect, man (possibly because according to the bible man came first), willpower, masculinity, and pioneering work. When the number one appears in numerology, it often means new events are in the works- travel, work, conditions, goals, etc. There normally is a definitive purpose and path when the number one is present. When negatively aligned, the number one can be ruthless, domineering, and selfish. The sun is the planet equivalent to the number two. The sun represents life, new beginnings, brilliance, originality, and intellect.

Two (2) – Represents building, woman (possibly because according to the bible woman came second), femininity, emotions, and intuitiveness. When the number two appears in numerology, it often means cooperation and diplomacy. When negatively aligned, the number two can be timid, deceitful, and secretive. The moon is the planet equivalent to the number two. The moon represents cycles, helpfulness, awareness, deliberation, and instability.

The Day: 10/10/2010 = 5 – October 10, 2010 has erroneously been shortened to 10-10-10. If using this as the basis for a numerology analysis this day would be a number three (3), which would be a day of love, expression, and affection. However, to provide an accurate numerology reading of this date, the numbers 10-10-2010, should be used, thus making this day a number five (5). The number five symbolizes new experiences, change, new friends, travel, religious interests, freedom, carelessness, research, and happiness. A day that has a five vibration is one that should be approached with no plans, because things are always apt to change. This is a day of surprise, change, and chaos. This is a day of speed, entertainment, and activity.  Because of the double ‘5’ that makes up the number 10, this day and month is one that is very active and busy. Because of all the activity, conversations and arguments are apt to occur. This is an excellent day for entertaining, partying, attending seminars or concerts, writing, meeting new friends, traveling, making a public debut, and dealing with children. This is a universal day meaning that the vibrations felt are global more so than individual. Mercury is the planet equivalent to the number 5. Mercury represents communication, speed, change, writing, talking, contracts, and travel.

The Month: 10/2010 = 4 – The month of October is represented by the number four. The number four symbolizes hard work and building foundations. This number symbolizes, organization, discipline, restriction. The number four also represents justice without mercy, tolerance, or sympathy. These attributes will settle all the speed and activity from October 10th. Saturn is the planet equivalent to the number four. Saturn represents the taskmaster, limitations, structure, discipline, teachers, and ambition.

The Year: 2010 = 3 – The year 2010 is represented by the number 3. The number three symbolizes love and affection. This is a number that represents people, family life, social contracts, expression, intellect, entertainment, hopes, wishes, and joy. This is a year for an individual’s destiny to be played out, whether it is success or failure. This is a year of communication and force; if used positively, success and achievement will occur, if not, talents will be scattered and an individual can become careless. Jupiter is the planet equivalent to the number three. Jupiter represents good fortune/luck, success, fame, material comforts, and happiness

The Meaning
What does this all mean? Is 10-10-10(10-10-2010) a positive or negative day? This day can be both; it is a day where numbers formed interesting combinations. This day had 0,1,2 and 3,4,5. Zero and two are numbers that can denote obstacles and difficulties that need to be overcome in order to grow. However, with all the zeros in this date it can be a day that welcomes the good and creativity within individuals. This is a day that represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of another. Whether it has been coincidence or not (or is there such thing as coincidence- that is another article), October 10, 2010 has been a day that brought people together; those who are interested in numerology and those who are not. This is a day that individuals around the world declared this a day for the planet, a day that individuals will change their ways. This is a day sure to have brought about change in a positive and negative light. Check out Google News and see what happened around the world today.

Some headlines that caught my eye:
  • Obama Ratchets Up Tone Against GOP
  • Volunteers Join Global 10-10-10 Activist to Combat Global Warming
  • Paladino Attacks Gays in Brooklyn Speech
  • US Dollar Hits New 15 Year Low Against Yen
  • $727 Million in Grants for Community Health Centers
  • Google’s New Robot Car
  • North Korea Displays Military Might
  • Virgin Galactic Rocket Plane Makes First Gliding Free Flight
  • The Social Network Dominates Box Offie
  • Ben Harper and Laura Dern Split

What did you do on 10-10-10? 

Dream Sweet ~L.

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Anonymous said...

10 divide 10 divide 10. Times are changing. Anything is possible.

- Pawn Focker

Anonymous said...

I quit smoking for the first time in 22 years.

Changing Woman said...

Thank you both for your comments.

I agree times are changing!

Congrats on quitting smoking!! That is wonderful, you are adding years to your life now instead of subtracting. It is great to let go of an addiction.

Pammy pam said...

I like what you said about people coming together. and it's true. all over FB people were talking about it. mostly good things. if that doesnt mean our thoughts are united, what does?

Changing Woman said...

I agree Pammy pam, I did notice a lot of people coming together and planning different things. Unity may be closer than we think and the first step is changing the way we thinking and act.

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