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Mix It Up Monday: Sutekh- Married to Mr. or Mrs. Wrong?

This week's Mix Up Monday article is by Sutekh from Astrochologist. If you would like to connect with Sutekh,  you can find him on his websiteTwitter, and Facebook

Married to Mr. or Mrs. Wrong?

So I was talking to an acquaintance of mine who is a few years older, married, two kids. He tells me how he has a Facebook page that his wife set up. He’s a late degree Gemini so being mercury ruled he really talks someones ears off and in the same vein, IM and chat someones fingers to the bone. He’s frustrated because his wife keeps a close eye on him. He’s always telling me, ” man, I can’t use any of that electronic stuff, she’s super jealous, even though it’s just chit chat she goes bananas”. Well his wife just so happens to be a late degree Pisces. Both of their sun signs are at a tight square.
Now looking further into their astrology he (I’ll call him Shawn) doesn’t have much to signify an attraction or affinity with a Pisces sun woman. However, in her chart, her moon tightly conjuncts his sun, and their venus’ trine each other resulting in a rather strong love bond overall. Their mars planets are sextile also, so at least on a passion and sexual level they get on great. It’s when we get to the deeper sun and moon dynamic is where things start to get a little murky. Their moons are in opposition meaning that their schedules are probably opposite of each other, for example, she works at day and he works at night.Her sun squares his sun and moon.
Shawn also admitted to me that he runs around on his wife, but he admits she is a great wife and mother, she is very supportive and a true keeper of the home. I just believe the Pisces sun placement may throw a big monkey wrench into their whole situation and may be part of the force that would drive him to look elsewhere. Gemini doesn’t want a clingy emotional Pisces to deal with that’s too hard to understand and irritating to deal with as an air sign. Asking him not to chat goes against everything in him as a mercury sign.
They still have this potent sexual energy and strong emotional affinity(mutual harmonious moon-venus aspects). My overall point being, there are no real home runs, and if you do happen to find a Mr. wrong or Mr. right you are in an elite club. There are simply too many intricacies for everything to unfold like a Disney fairy tale. Shawn has some real issues with who his wife is (sun square sun), but there are many elements he appreciates about her, and her of him that they are still bound together.
Check out my articles 10 xplosive relationship aspects and Vital importance of relationship astrology
to see some of the astrological traits and aspects of Mr.or Mrs. Right(er) and Mr. and Mrs. Wrong(er).
By: Sutekh 

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mix It Up Monday: Sutekh- 3 Indicators for Finding your Proper Career Path using Astrology

This week's Mix Up Monday article is by Sutekh from Astrochologist. If you would like to connect with Sutekh,  you can find him on his website, Twitter, and Facebook

3 Indicators for Finding your Proper Career Path using Astrology

Utilizing astrology to this end is something I believe people are really missing out on. Many people will look at the various daily horoscope sites looking at career horoscopes while sitting at their desk job waiting for that lunch break. All the while they are completely oblivious to the idea that delving deeper into astrology could actually point them in a new direction . It can provide the insight and guidance to leave that miserable and totally unsatisfying situation in the dust!

1. Midheaven (MC) and aspects to it.

Your Medium Coeli is representative of your career path and path to glory so to speak. Someone with Leo on the MC will be a leader or spearhead a brand new endeavor for example. Aspects to the MC will either help assist you or throw a few roadblocks in the way.
Example of a positive aspect to MC:Moon trine MC. Strong inner yearning to accomplish a career goal and accomplishing this will be emotionally fulfilling.
Negative aspect: Pluto Square Midheaven. Struggles for power with authority figures. Disdain for managers,bosses etc. Which will make it difficult for someone to climb the corporate ladder if that is in fact part of your goal.
2Second house cusp ruler and planets.

The 2nd house represents personal values and material possessions. What you value and what you want out of a career go together like peanut butter and jelly. Naturally if you want material security (Taurus as the cusp ruler, or venus in the 2nd) you will want a career that will provide you with everything money can buy. How will you get there? Well , if you have Mars in the 2nd house you will not hesitate to put in the work necessary. If Uranus is in the 2nd, you will want a career or way of making an income that allows for a high degree of personal freedom. Traveling merchant/salesmen, or maybe freelance writer.

3. True node sign,house placement, and aspects.
Your true node is what lessons we have to learn in this incarnation that will fulfill our karmic destiny. So for example if your north node falls on your MC you are one of the lucky ones because your career path will be mightily important in your life. If the true node positively aspects your MC it will have a similar effect. What house your true node falls in may or may not be telling in terms of career path. If it is in a work oriented house (6th) or career (10th) than it will have more of an impact than if placed in the 4th house which is the house of home and family.
Thanks for reading.
By: Sutekh
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On Vacation

will be on vacation this week and will resume blogging the week of October 24th.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Mix It Up Monday: Jesus M. Maldonado- The Symptoms of "Mental Constipation"

This week's Mix It Up Monday post is an article by Jesus M. Maldonado. If you would like to connect with Jesus, you can reach him via email(, on his blog or on Twitter

The Symptoms Of "Mental Constipation"; The Causes, The Effects, And The Healing Process

This article will be about the symptoms of "Mental Constipation". I will express my thoughts on what Mental Constipation means to me and how it may cause certain things to effect your life. I will also give you a brief view of how you may heal from this "Mental Constipation" and block it out completely from your life.
     One morning I decided I was going to study everyone I came into conversation with. I told myself that every time I talk to somebody today, I will bring entrepreneurship into the conversation and speculate what others thought about it. It was pretty interesting to hear many different opinions on the subject. One thing that hit me though, was that almost everyone I talked to seemed confused. It seemed like everyone that I had talked to felt like they had so much to say about entrepreneurship but they just couldn't get it out. They were Mentally Constipated!

My Definition

Mental Constipation: A blockage of some sort that causes the mind to become confused; which in turn leads to a cluttered and unfocused mental state.

Possible Causes of Mental Constipation

     Negative Energy - Negative energy can be a possible cause for the above symptom. Negative energy can be attracted in many ways, knowingly or unknowingly. Negative energy drains your creativity, imagination, thought flow, and overall mental energy. Which is why so many people in today's society are Mentally Constipated. They are overpowered by all the negative energy that is being emitted from countless sources such as Music, T.V., Video Games, and PEOPLE!
The Effects That Mental Constipation May Have On People

     The effects that Mental Constipation have on people today are seen on a everyday basis. So many people feel cluttered and confused which causes so many arguments and fights to happen because one person or another couldn't express themselves verbally which may cause one to become overly frustrated with themselves, possibly resulting in acting inhumane and becoming physical which is the result of WARS as we see it today. Also the majority of the kids in our generation are not participating in any positive groups or acts. Too much negative energy is being targeted to the kids which is why so many kids are failing school and dropping out.
Blocking Negative Energy(Healing)    

     Everyone on this earth has a vibration, and this vibration that you emit can be picked up by others. This means that everyone you come into contact with may change your state of thought, if you let them. Now this can be both good and bad, depending on what energy your body is picking up. If you are feeling a bad vibe from anyone you come into contact with, it is that person's energy that you sense. This lets us know who to keep away or limit from our life's because although you may be doing you, negative people will always try to pull you down and burn you out. BUT, the number one source of negative energy comes from yourself! Your mind is always thinking, and whatever you think a lot about will eventually manifest itself physically because your subconscious mind has been overrun by a constant stream of thoughts. Thoughts are very powerful and your thoughts will be the key to sculpturing your life, because anything and everything that we have created must have first been visualized, remember that!

     Also remember that your mind needs food just like your stomach, so eating the right way will play a big role in clearing your mind. If you've had your fair share of the S.A.D. aka Standard American Diet, then your body is most likely highly toxic and sick. You want to immediately stop that S.A.D. and choose your foods wisely (veggies,fruits,nuts,seed,grains,herbs etc), followed by a deep cleanse. Cleansing can be done by eating a RAW VEGAN diet for an amount of time that you choose to do ( 2-3 weeks preferred) or going on a liquid fast that may consist of only water, fresh fruit juice and/or vegetable juice, and on top of that you should supplement your body with herbs that are very healing and detoxifying. Exercise along with the above works hand in hand, and always remember your thoughts create your doing. Think right and your body will take you in the right direction needed to be in.

     We as human beings are far to smart and advanced to be confused and sick in these days of time. We need to stop sitting on our big o'l behinds and live to our full potential. No matter what negative forces are out there and no matter how many hard obstacles are thrown our way, we can succeed in doing the things we were meant to do on this planet. Give that brain of yours a mental laxative and empty your mind, so that it may be refilled once again! Thanks for tuning in and please continue to tune in for more articles to come. If you like this article please comment below to let me know what your "symptom" is, and I just might blog about it. If you have any questions that need answering please feel free to email me or comment below and I will do my best to answer them.

By: Jesus M. Maldonado

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10: What Does It Mean?

It is 10:10am/pm on 10-10-10, is this a day to remember or one to be forgotten? Is there any significance to a day and time in an individual’s life? Numerology is the belief that there is a symbolic relationship between numbers and an individual’s life, personality, career, etc. Numerology was considered a branch of mathematics, but in modern times it is considered a tool that has no significance to our daily lives. Numerology can be used either by calculating numbers or by converting the alphabet to numerical value. Each number has a meaning and these meanings can be applied to an individual’s life purpose, career, personality, love, etc. A day such as October 10, 2010, catches the eyes of individuals worldwide because of repeating numbers. Each day has its own energy and to do the numerology of 10-10-10, one needs to break down all aspects of the date and numbers.

The Numbers: (10, 10, 2010, 3, 4, 5)

Zero (0) - Represents greater strength, limited space, and is a symbol of unit. Pluto is the planet equivalent to the number zero. Pluto represents death and regeneration, evolution, sex, and self knowledge. 

One (1) – Denotes change, intellect, man (possibly because according to the bible man came first), willpower, masculinity, and pioneering work. When the number one appears in numerology, it often means new events are in the works- travel, work, conditions, goals, etc. There normally is a definitive purpose and path when the number one is present. When negatively aligned, the number one can be ruthless, domineering, and selfish. The sun is the planet equivalent to the number two. The sun represents life, new beginnings, brilliance, originality, and intellect.

Two (2) – Represents building, woman (possibly because according to the bible woman came second), femininity, emotions, and intuitiveness. When the number two appears in numerology, it often means cooperation and diplomacy. When negatively aligned, the number two can be timid, deceitful, and secretive. The moon is the planet equivalent to the number two. The moon represents cycles, helpfulness, awareness, deliberation, and instability.

The Day: 10/10/2010 = 5 – October 10, 2010 has erroneously been shortened to 10-10-10. If using this as the basis for a numerology analysis this day would be a number three (3), which would be a day of love, expression, and affection. However, to provide an accurate numerology reading of this date, the numbers 10-10-2010, should be used, thus making this day a number five (5). The number five symbolizes new experiences, change, new friends, travel, religious interests, freedom, carelessness, research, and happiness. A day that has a five vibration is one that should be approached with no plans, because things are always apt to change. This is a day of surprise, change, and chaos. This is a day of speed, entertainment, and activity.  Because of the double ‘5’ that makes up the number 10, this day and month is one that is very active and busy. Because of all the activity, conversations and arguments are apt to occur. This is an excellent day for entertaining, partying, attending seminars or concerts, writing, meeting new friends, traveling, making a public debut, and dealing with children. This is a universal day meaning that the vibrations felt are global more so than individual. Mercury is the planet equivalent to the number 5. Mercury represents communication, speed, change, writing, talking, contracts, and travel.

The Month: 10/2010 = 4 – The month of October is represented by the number four. The number four symbolizes hard work and building foundations. This number symbolizes, organization, discipline, restriction. The number four also represents justice without mercy, tolerance, or sympathy. These attributes will settle all the speed and activity from October 10th. Saturn is the planet equivalent to the number four. Saturn represents the taskmaster, limitations, structure, discipline, teachers, and ambition.

The Year: 2010 = 3 – The year 2010 is represented by the number 3. The number three symbolizes love and affection. This is a number that represents people, family life, social contracts, expression, intellect, entertainment, hopes, wishes, and joy. This is a year for an individual’s destiny to be played out, whether it is success or failure. This is a year of communication and force; if used positively, success and achievement will occur, if not, talents will be scattered and an individual can become careless. Jupiter is the planet equivalent to the number three. Jupiter represents good fortune/luck, success, fame, material comforts, and happiness

The Meaning
What does this all mean? Is 10-10-10(10-10-2010) a positive or negative day? This day can be both; it is a day where numbers formed interesting combinations. This day had 0,1,2 and 3,4,5. Zero and two are numbers that can denote obstacles and difficulties that need to be overcome in order to grow. However, with all the zeros in this date it can be a day that welcomes the good and creativity within individuals. This is a day that represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of another. Whether it has been coincidence or not (or is there such thing as coincidence- that is another article), October 10, 2010 has been a day that brought people together; those who are interested in numerology and those who are not. This is a day that individuals around the world declared this a day for the planet, a day that individuals will change their ways. This is a day sure to have brought about change in a positive and negative light. Check out Google News and see what happened around the world today.

Some headlines that caught my eye:
  • Obama Ratchets Up Tone Against GOP
  • Volunteers Join Global 10-10-10 Activist to Combat Global Warming
  • Paladino Attacks Gays in Brooklyn Speech
  • US Dollar Hits New 15 Year Low Against Yen
  • $727 Million in Grants for Community Health Centers
  • Google’s New Robot Car
  • North Korea Displays Military Might
  • Virgin Galactic Rocket Plane Makes First Gliding Free Flight
  • The Social Network Dominates Box Offie
  • Ben Harper and Laura Dern Split

What did you do on 10-10-10? 

Dream Sweet ~L.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Amethyst: Powerful and Spiritual

Amethyst, a purple/lavender stone, is one of the most spiritual and common crystal one can obtain.

Photo Credit: L.Marie

Amethyst is a powerful and highly spiritual crystal. Its protective properties can guard against psychic attacks, block stress, and aid in overcoming addictions. An individual who lacks focus would benefit from owning an Amethyst crystal. This calming crystal helps individuals focus, enhances new ideas, and aids in decision making. This stone is versatile enough for a new business owner or a spiritual person. For those who seek to center their emotions, amethyst is perfect for enhancing consciousness, spirituality, and meditation.

Placement of a stone while using it,  is important for various reasons. With Amethyst, the stone can be placed on the 3rd eye, heart, or throat for stimulation. The placement of the stone can aid in Outer Body Experiences (OBE) and bring intuitive dreams to an individual. For those who suffer from insomnia or nightmares, placing Amethyst under the pillow can aid the sleeper. To draw in energy, place the point of the crystal toward the body and to draw off energy place the point away.

Amethyst has several healing properties and different types of Amethyst have additional healing properties.
The healing properties are:

  • Boosts production of hormones
  • Strengthens the organs, metabolism, and the endocrine/immune system
  • Relieves pain, stress, headaches
  • Reduces bruising
  • Heals lung and skin conditions
  • Treats insomnia
  • Helps transition to death
  • Stimulates throat and crown chakra
  • Balances physical, mental, and emotional feelings
Photo Credit: L.Marie

Amethyst is a wonderful stone to add to a crystal collection because of its powerful and spiritual properties. With all crystals that are obtained the user should remember to cleanse and program the crystal.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Mix It Up Monday: Flying Catterpillar- Cornbread where you at? Come fly with me :)

Flying Catterpillar is the next guest writer for Mix It Up Mondays. If you would like to read more by Flying Catterpillar, She can be contacted via her blog

I dated a Christian once, his name’s Cornbread. Even though he thinks I'm a heathen, He liked me a lot.

When we were dating I told him that I was working on opening my sacral chakra for him. He didn’t believe me…thought my interest in spirituality was a gimmick…a fad, but he gave me a pass because I wore peasant skirts with pockets and I slipped patchouli in his pockets when he told me he was broke.

One day with excitement I told him, “ I think my heart chakra is finally opening, I can feel it and I’m learning to fly.” He didn’t believe me, if anything, he thought my revelation was “cute”, laughable but cute.

He thinks I’m one of those hocus pocus hipster folks skipping into some new age craze occultish shit. Little do he know my dead aunt betty that died in 1901 been staring me in my third eye since I was about 3 years old talkin’ bout some “come on pumpkin, let’s play concentration to see who can keep they third eye open the longest.”

A few months into our relationship Cornbread seriously asked me if I really believed in magic and all this occultish mumbo jumbo that I talk about. I said “yes.” He sucked his teeth and with a load of sarcasm he challenged “well, if you believe in magic, then let me see you fly then.”

I haven’t seen Cornbread since he challenged me to fly.

Once I finally landed back on solid ground I went to Cornbread’s old neighborhood to find him, but he wasn’t there. I asked around and some wino posted outside of Cornbread’s old building slurred, “hell if I know where that lil’ nigga is, all I know is he betta be in search of Jesus, that’s the only way his ass gon’ make it out these parts lil’ mama.” I bet you Cornbread’s ass is somewhere in search of Jesus Christ too. Little do he know, I be straight kickin’ it with Jesus. I found him when I was flying. Jesus say he stay flyin’ cuz them niggas down below crazy as hell. Everytime he come down to visit they be throwin’ stones at him, callin’ him soft and shit cuz he like to be around a bunch of females. Jesus funny like that, he say, “why the hell all these folks wearing crosses around they necks? I don’t see none of these fools wearing iced out belts around they neck, knowing good and well they momma beat they asses all in the name of love.”

By: Flying Catterpillar

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shanti- Peace

Today's reading for Sunday Oct 3 and the message is from the Messages from your Angels oracle cards. Shanti -- Peace. I am the angel of peace. I bring you new tranquility and smoother road ahead. The picture of the lion lying down with the lamb signifies forgiveness, understanding & reconciliation. It is a time for peace within your heart with yourself. Don't judge others or yourself. - Doreen Virtue

Saturday, October 2, 2010

31 Thrilling Movies For October

31 days in October and 31 horror movies. Halloween is coming up and that means horror, gore, screams, and fear are in the air! I love watching movies and scary movies are one of my favorites. Since October has 31 days, how about you take this list of 31 movies and watch one a day until Halloween. This list has some of my favorite movies. Some are scary and some are cute. Some of gory and some are scary. Whatever, your taste this list has got it. Note: This list is not in any particular order.

  • October 1st:
Dawn of the Dead (2004)- Zombies, Zombies, Zombies. A group of survivors try to outwit these walking corpses.

  •  October 2nd:
The Bad Seed- For all those parents out there who think they have the perfect child... think again. (black and white movie)

  • October 3rd:
The Amityville Horror (1978 or 2005)- Reportedly a true story, this movie will have your heart pumping.

  • October 4th:
Zombieland- A black comedy. Only a few survivors try to outwit zombies and end up having a great amusement park showdown.

  • October 5th:
Poltergeist- I'm not afraid of scary movies, but for some reason, I could not finish this movie.

  • October 6th:
Saw- If given the choice- kill to survive, would you do it?

  • October 7th:
Paranormal Activity- A couple is haunted by a dark presence. I didn't find this movie scary, but some might.

  • October 8th:
E.T. the Extra- Terrestrial- Take a break from all the darkness for a classic tale of friendship.

  • October 9th:
The Witches- One of my favorite movies (and book). A witch wants to turn all the world's children into mice.

  • October 10th:
Carrie- The original is much more chilling than the remake. The end is the best part.

  • October 11th
Misery- Kathy Bates at her best, as a sadistic woman.

  • October 12th:
The Silence of the Lambs- A man that is a cannibal and the detective that seeks to capture two serial killers. This movie will have you jumping a few times.

  • October 13th:
A Nightmare on Elm Street- My aunt let me watch this movie when I was around 7 years old. I still to this day will not watch it.

  • October 14th: 
The Exorcist- The best exorcism movie ever! 

  • October 15th:
Candyman- I watched this movie for the first time last year. It had its moments, but I was expecting more.

  • October 16th:
Jaws- Watch out for what is swimming in the water!

  • October 17th:
The Shining- Red Rum, Red Rum. Great performances and a freaky hotel.

  • October 18th:
The Sixth Sense- If you haven't seen this movie yet, what are you waiting for?

  • October 19th:
Coraline- I love this movie. It is a great movie for kids(over 7) and adults.

  • October 20th:
Casper- I think every girl had a crush on Casper. This movie is a children's comedy mixed with a little sci-fi.

  • October 21st:
Monsters Inc- It isn't a scary movie, but it is great for kids and adults (I heard a sequel is in the works!).

  • October 22nd:
Seven- A serial killer basing his murders on the seven deadly sins. Great, Great, movie.

  • October 23rd:
Pans Labyrinth- For those who enjoy foreign films, this movie is filled with mystery.

  • October 24th:
Alien- A classic sci-fi horror movie about a bloodthirsty alien.

  • October 25th:
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown- You can't go through any holiday month without watching a Charlie Brown classic

  • October 26th:
Rec- Another great foreign thriller about a group of individual stuck in a quarantined building. Sound familiar? The movie Quarantine is a remake (not so good remake) of this film.

  • October 27th:
The Nightmare Before Christmas- Santa is kidnapped and Jack Skellington wishes to give all the children ghoulish gifts for Christmas.

  • October 28th:
Monster House- A creepy house is out to get the neighborhood kids.

  • October 29th:
Hocus Pocus- One of my favorite Halloween movies about witches. I wonder if Sarah Jessica Parker tries to forget she did this movie.

  • October 30th:
Psycho- What happens when you are stuck a dreary motel with a strange man? (I know this list is not in any particular order, but these last two movies are such classic they have to be watched closer to Halloween.)

  • October 31st:
Halloween- What's Halloween without watching  Micheal Myers wreck havoc on his town?

31 movies to watch in 31 days. Love a movie that isn't on this list? Leave a comment, I would love to watch it.

Dream Sweet ~ L.

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