Monday, September 20, 2010

Mix It Up Monday: Ricardo- Enemy = Inner ME

This week's Mix It Up Monday post is a poem by Ricardo entitled Enemy = Inner Me. If you would like to read more form Ricardo, you can check out his blog or follow him on Twitter

Enemy = Inner Me

perhaps my inner me is my enemy,
it makes makes sense now i see ,
why i never allow myself to envision me,
truly living happily,despite all the beauty i happen see,living naturally,
i cant get past the fact I HAVE TO LOVE ME..FIRST,
i blame ME, for taking this long to recognize my SELF WORTH,
learning my lesson because when you blame yourself it makes your soul hurt,
that pain can last for months or even years,draw your blood,sweat and some days even tears,
while magnifying all your fears,reminding you of every person you left in your rear--view,
they question if i care i yell back i still do,
but i couldn't remain standing still by you,
and the environment i outgrew,
mentally leave had to,in order to pursue,
what no man before could do!!!..

By: Ricardo

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