Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm Moving to Korea!

I'm moving to Korea! A move of some sort might be in my near future. My dream from last night had me wake up at 4:50am a little puzzled.

My dream:

I was going somewhere with a family friend who is like an aunt to me ('U'). U and I were walking to go somewhere and we walked up a path that had a line filled with people. I laughed at U as we cut the line and walked past all the people. When we reached the beginning of the line we realized, it was a line to go to Korea. I told U we needed to turn around because we weren't supposed to be on a flight. U told me that we should get on the flight and when we arrived in Korea, we would just take the return flight.

 As we boarded the plane, I turned to U and told her that I only had my drivers license and I don't walk around with my passport. She told me to relax and that I will be able to get by customs. When we landed in Korea, the first thing we did was go to the ticket agent. Some how U's daughter C was also there. The ticket agent told us that the next flight wouldn't arrive in the United States until 4 am the next day. For some reason I started to get agitated, because I had somewhere to be and I did not want to be on a flight that was almost 24 hours. U and C purchased their tickets and I realized I only had my credit card and I wasn't sure if my spending limit could purchase an $835 dollar ticket. When the lady handed my receipt and I noticed that my ticket was $835 and U and C's ticket was 400. I was very angry and threw the receipt back at her and said "why is my ticket double the cost of theirs"(as I was throwing it in the dream, I was shocked at my behavior because that is not my personality). The ticket agent, then explained to me that I was sitting in first class and that someone canceled and I happened to get the more expensive seat. After I apologized, C stated that she was sorry that my ticket was expensive, especially since I didn't plan to travel to Korea in the first place. C then said she would pay me back some of the money. As she said that U gave her a look.

We then walked around the airport. I was upset that I couldn't leave to sightsee, because I didn't have my passport. In the airport was a marketplace and I wanted to purchase certain fruits, but one fruit cost 9 dollars, so I ended up buying 4 bananas for 1 dollar and 4 cups of applesauce for 39 cents. I briefly had a discussion with some men about the prices and then asked U how much she purchased her applesauce.

That is how that dream ended. I had another dream- but it wasn't that exciting- it was just me playing basketball.

Since the start of the detox, I have had very vivid dreams. I will be analyzing them to see what the future holds or what my present is trying to tell me.

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