Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Illustrated Dream Dictionary Review + Giveaway!

It is interesting that many believe that there could be multiple sources that stimulate a dream. If this belief is held by some, why use one source to interpret dreams? A dream dictionary has a collection of common themes found in dreams and their definitions. These definitions are formulated after reviewing thousands of dreams and finding a common interpretation.

I do not use dream books. I have a few dream dictionaries in my book collection, but I can say I skimmed them when first purchased and put them back on my bookshelf. I have no problem with dreams dictionaries; I just feel that a bird in my dream does not have the same meaning as bird in the next persons dream.  Dr. Paul Jessen in 1855 published an article in which he stated “The content of dreams is more or less determined by the individual personality, by age, sex, station in life, education, habits, and by events and experiences of the whole past life.”  I believe that in order to accurately interpret and understand a dream other factors need to be considered. 

The Illustrated Dream Dictionary by Russell Grant is a very colorful overview of the meaning of dream symbols. The book begins with a brief overview of dreams and how it relates to the dreamer. The overview, even though brief, was very informative for those who might be new to the history of dreams. The interpretations of images are helpful for those who would like a quick bedside guide to the meaning of their dreams. For someone who is a beginner when it comes to analyzing dreams, this book will be very helpful, however, for someone is more seriously into dreams, this book might not be comprehensive. Overall, this is a good book, simple and beautifully illustrated. 

Virgo Versary GIVEAWAY!! 

One lucky reader* will win a copy of the Illustrated Dream Dictionary!!

The Details

The winner must live in the United States. 

Post your comment by 11:59 EST Wednesday September 8th. 

I will pick the winner by random selection and notify by email. 

To be entered to win, you must answer the question. 

The Question

Leave a comment at the end of the post. Answer the question: What method(s) do you use to remember and interpret your dreams?

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Stefanie Newell said...

I try to take the seconds right after I wake up to remember what happened in my dream. My interpretations are based on what is currently going on in my life. I find that they are always related. If I feel anxiety around something or any type of emotion for that matter it normally shows up in my dreams in some way.

KaxantheDragon said...

The methods I use to remember my dreams is that I make a replay in my mind. And then I take that reply and right it down as best as I can describe it. From there I use my own intuition and how everything links up together, like what object was associated with what idea/entity. Then to get a better understanding I google search the things that stuck out in the dream and define each according to how my inner spirit guided me.

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