Saturday, September 25, 2010

Drastic Change...Kind of

For any of you who might have visited my personal blog before, you might be interested in reading this:

 I just made a drastic change to my personal blog Changing Woman. I changed the URL name to I did this because I felt it was confusing to explain to people that my blog is, but the 'o' is actually zero. I like the name a New Moon, but of course when I came up with the name I did not think it through that the Twilight series might cause an issue. The concept of my blog is the same, just the name is different.

I hope that it does not effect those who subscribe to my blog via reader, feedburner, or email. If it does, I am sorry I have lost you and I hope you find me again. I will email everyone who follows the blog and let them know of the change. All the content is here, but of course the URL is different. 

I felt that the name L.Marie Dreams, fits with the new vision I have for this blog. I am still keeping the same theme, I am still Changing Woman and I am still on my journey. However, this is a part of my journey, I had to make a change to the URL for ease. I also plan on adding a little twist to the blog. I am going to document my journey more and let you know what I am reading, watching, listening to,  that is influential in me reaching my dreams. I also am going to feature other people who are following their dreams as well. I am still brainstorming and working on the ideas, so please pardon the construction. 

 Thank you for all your support. 

p.s of course this being a drastic decision, I didn't warn people in advance. So most of you might not even see this. Yikes!

On any given day, you can find L.Marie on her website,, her personal blog,, or on twitter, Join the conversation and interact.

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