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Mix It Up Monday: Jesus M. Maldonado- The Truth Within Fast Foods "McDonalds"

This week's Mix It Up Monday post is an article by Jesus M. Maldonado. He discusses the dangers of eating McDonalds and his own personal story about transitioning to raw vegan. If you would like to connect with Jesus, you can reach him via email (, on his blog or on Twitter

The Truth Within Fast Foods "McDonalds"

If your one of those people who can't seem to stay away from McDonalds, you have no clue what actually goes inside your body. Hopefully after reading this article you'll hang up them gloves and call it quits. 

 I think we all know how popular McDonalds are and how good their food tastes, but what the majority don't know is what actually goes inside the food that McDonalds offers. Its actually quite disturbing to say the least, but before I get into detail on this matter I'm going to give you my experience with McDonalds addiction and how it affected my life.

 Now for those who don't know me, I was very obese in my early-mid teens and weighed about 200 lbs. 200 lbs is not so bad if your a tall fit guy but I'm kind of short standing at about 5"3-5"4, which means I was well over my natural weight. I have no one to blame but myself for letting my body get that way but I will say this, McDonalds was my best friend in aiding me to achieve that point of obesity. If it wasn't for McDonalds I most likely wouldn't have had to go through the struggle that I went through in order to get to the healthy state that I am in today.

 It all started when I moved into my grandparents house around the age of 10, my mom was struggling with paying bills so she had to work double shifts and my grandparents took care of me for the few years my mom got back on her feet. Being that my grandparents were so busy already, my uncle decided to look after me and my brother and take us out every weekend. My uncle always liked to go out places so he'd always take us out to the movies, arcades, laser tagging, and all that other fun stuff you could think of. After all the fun he would always take us out to eat and being that McDonalds was cheap and right around the corner from us it was always first on the list of things to eat. It became like a pattern.. hangout, have fun, and eat McDonalds and before you knew it I was 14 years old, 80 lbs heavier and couldn't climb up a flight of steps without being exhausted.

 One day I decided that this wasn't the life I wanted to live, so I made a change and refrained from eating McDonalds or any fast food for that matter. It wasn't easy, I gave in a few times but eventually my "rehab" was done and I no longer craved a McChicken with French Fries and a medium sized Coke(my fav McDonalds meal). Within a few weeks I dropped 20 lbs and that was the beginning of what turned out to be a long journey into what I am now, a Vegan Raw Foodist. Whenever I look back at those pictures of myself of me being overweight I never get disgusted but I actually thank my old self for going through that unhealthy path for it probably would have never changed me into the health conscious person that I am today. Now I try and help others who were once like me and hopefully I change some peoples lives for the better.

 Now enough of my story, down to the dirty work exposing McDonalds for what they really are. First I'll point out that no matter what meal you get from McDonalds, it will most likely have SUGAR in it. After looking through McDonalds products and ingredients list, almost everything in their products contain SUGAR. Everything from their patty to their buns and their sauces have sugar in it. The only meal I'll say your safe with is a side salad without the croutons and dressing. No wonder everybody's so addicted to this stuff, no matter what you eat your eating sugar, AND salt. Mix sugar and salt and you have a deadly drug waiting to take over your taste buds. If you haven't read my article about refined sugars then I advise you to do so!

  If your one of those people who think a order of fries won't hurt, think again. You might think their just potatoes cooked in oil with some salt added, but these fries are actually loaded with harmful preservatives and anti-foaming agents, Dimethylpolysiloxane being one of them. Did you know that Dimethylpolysiloxane is used in making Silly Putty? As a matter of fact, Dimethylpolysiloxane is in many of McDonalds products, even the McNuggets, and you know what they say... if you can't pronounce it don't eat it! 

 Now for the vegans out there who think McDonalds fries are vegan, they're not. McDonalds flavor their fries with BEEF flavor, yuck. For the non pork eaters out there you better watch out, Mono and Diglycerides are in plenty of McDonalds ingredients, mainly their buns but also some of their fish, chicken, and beef products. Mono and Diglycerides can be derived from certain vegetable sources but they are mostly derived from pigs and cows.

  I could go on and on with all the harmful ingredients inside of Mickey D's foods but that would take up this whole page. It's bad enough as it is with all the fatty foods offered in McDonalds, but with all these additives its no wonder why there are so many obese sick people today and little do these people know that it could be the fast food causing their sickness. Don't believe me? Check the below studies.

  The director of the obesity program for the Children's Hospital Boston, David Ludwig, claims that "fast food consumption has been shown to increase calorie intake, promote weight gain, and elevate risk for diabetes". The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranked obesity as the number one health threat for Americans in 2003. It is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States and results in 400,000 deaths each year. About 60 million American adults are classified as being obese with another 127 million being overweight. Health issues associated with obesity causes economic despair regarding health care. According to a 2003 study conducted by RTI International in North Carolina, the cost of health care in America is said to increase by $93 billion a year, mainly from Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, both associated with obesity. 

 For those who still eat fast food out there, stop NOW! There's still time to save your health but you have to start now. Thanks for tuning in and please stay tuned for more articles to come. If you have any questions that I did not cover please feel free to email me or comment below and I will do my best to answer them.

 By: Jesus M. Maldonado

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Drastic Change...Kind of

For any of you who might have visited my personal blog before, you might be interested in reading this:

 I just made a drastic change to my personal blog Changing Woman. I changed the URL name to I did this because I felt it was confusing to explain to people that my blog is, but the 'o' is actually zero. I like the name a New Moon, but of course when I came up with the name I did not think it through that the Twilight series might cause an issue. The concept of my blog is the same, just the name is different.

I hope that it does not effect those who subscribe to my blog via reader, feedburner, or email. If it does, I am sorry I have lost you and I hope you find me again. I will email everyone who follows the blog and let them know of the change. All the content is here, but of course the URL is different. 

I felt that the name L.Marie Dreams, fits with the new vision I have for this blog. I am still keeping the same theme, I am still Changing Woman and I am still on my journey. However, this is a part of my journey, I had to make a change to the URL for ease. I also plan on adding a little twist to the blog. I am going to document my journey more and let you know what I am reading, watching, listening to,  that is influential in me reaching my dreams. I also am going to feature other people who are following their dreams as well. I am still brainstorming and working on the ideas, so please pardon the construction. 

 Thank you for all your support. 

p.s of course this being a drastic decision, I didn't warn people in advance. So most of you might not even see this. Yikes!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Mix It Up Monday: Ricardo- Enemy = Inner ME

This week's Mix It Up Monday post is a poem by Ricardo entitled Enemy = Inner Me. If you would like to read more form Ricardo, you can check out his blog or follow him on Twitter

Enemy = Inner Me

perhaps my inner me is my enemy,
it makes makes sense now i see ,
why i never allow myself to envision me,
truly living happily,despite all the beauty i happen see,living naturally,
i cant get past the fact I HAVE TO LOVE ME..FIRST,
i blame ME, for taking this long to recognize my SELF WORTH,
learning my lesson because when you blame yourself it makes your soul hurt,
that pain can last for months or even years,draw your blood,sweat and some days even tears,
while magnifying all your fears,reminding you of every person you left in your rear--view,
they question if i care i yell back i still do,
but i couldn't remain standing still by you,
and the environment i outgrew,
mentally leave had to,in order to pursue,
what no man before could do!!!..

By: Ricardo

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mix It Up Monday: L.Marie- Happy Birthday!!

In honor of Closed Lids birthday, this weeks Mix It Up Monday post is Closed Lids Natal chart breakdown. A natal chart is the analysis of a person's personality based on the position of the planets, moon, and sun at the time of  birth. Having a natal chart done delves deeper into astrology. It is more accurate than stating one is a Leo, Taurus, etc. Some people may feel that they do not act like a 'Libra' and write off astrology. These people would benefit from having an in depth analysis done, to go into more aspects of their charts. This detailed analysis would help explain why that particular person does not act like their particular zodiac sign. 

The idea of Closed Lids was created sometime at the end of August or the beginning of September 2009. Since I cannot pinpoint the exact moment I thought of Closed Lids, I like to think of  that moment as 'conception'. I used the exact time I purchased the domain for Closed Lids to represent when closed lids was actually 'born'. I used that time to construct this basic natal chart overview. the natal charts that I provide for purchase are usually anywhere from 25-30 pages.

 Closed Lids was born September 14, 2009 at 2:03 am. Which makes her a Virgo. 

Brief Overview
Sun in Virgo (3rd house) 
Closed lids is idealistic, practical, and a perfectionist. With her Sun in Virgo, Closed Lids is more prone to sacrificing her own interests for the greater cause. She is organized, has high standards, and can be critical. Closed Lids is a communicator and careers that she may be prone to are: writer, researcher,  philosopher, teacher, and the travel industry. 

Rising Sign Cancer
Closed Lids is a sweet person, who is very approachable. She is sensitive to her environment and sometimes this can lead her to get nervous in public settings. 

Moon in Cancer (12th house)
Closed Lids is an emotional person, who loves to give affection. However, with all the love and affection she gives, she desires the feelings to be returned. She enjoys having a stable home, she is maternal, and enjoys relaxation. She is shy, sensitive, and often her compassion and good deeds are done in the background. 

Mercury in Libra (3rd house) 
Closed Lids has a very active mind and enjoys studying, teaching, communicating, and travelings. Because she has such an active spirit, she tends to get restless if she stays in the same place for too long. Closed Lids has a careful and balanced mind that she uses to reconcile opposing forces. 

Venus in Leo (2nd house) 
Closed Lids is attracted to social activities and sometimes her relationships can become somewhat of a performance. When it comes to earning money, it is through the arts and partnerships. She gains confidence while establishing partnerships and material success. 

Mars in Cancer (12th house) 
Closed Lids actions are dominated by emotional commitment and imagination versus practical considerations. Closed Lids likes to work behind the scenes when dedicated to a cause. With Mars in the 12th house, if she does not find a cause, she will lack purpose and direction. 

Jupiter in Aquarius (8th house)
Personal growth for Closed Lids is acquired through analysis and use of her intellect. With Jupiter in Aquarius she often is creating new ideas. Closed Lids interests is in the occult and she enjoys gaining knowledge. When it comes to business, she often acquires wealth. 

Saturn in Virgo (3rd house) 
When faced with obstacles at work or financial difficulties, Closed Lids will either experience her self confidence weaken or her capacity to work hard will increase. She has a very structured and methodical mind, which helps when she is solving problems. 

Uranus in Pisces (9th house)
Closed Lids interests are unusual. She enjoys oriental religions and non traditional faiths. She often will travel to foreign countries in search of an unusual experience. 

Neptune in Aquarius (8th house)
Closed Lids has interesting business ideas and is attracted to magic, the occult, and the mysteries of life. 

Pluto in Capricorn (6th house) 
Closed Lids is dedicated to her work and puts in all her time and effort for great results. She has the knack of bringing a healing touch to situations. She needs to be careful that emotional stress does not undermine her health. 

Overall Closed Lids is dedicated to her work, emotional, intellectual, hard working, sensitive to others, dedicated, and interested in the occult.

Sounds like Closed Lids was born on the right day and at the right time!

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Hurry over to  www.closedlids.com15% off all services! The Virgo- Versary Sale ends September 22nd! You don't want to miss out!!

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Fear Spiders, Bees, and Snakes

I fear spiders, bees, and snakes - Tena, California

The fear of insects, rodents, and animals is a fear that many possess. Individuals may fear these creatures because of the perceived harm that they can do. Spiders and snakes can range from venomous to non venomous. Bees and other insects can cause pain by stinging an individual. These aspects of these creatures often cause individuals to fear them or cause harm to them.

Even though some spiders, bees, and snakes can cause harm to an individual, it is not something that is preemptive. These creatures often act out on instinct and any harm caused to an individual is done for their own protection. A bee that stings, might have done so because a person disturbed a bee hive. A snake that bites might have done so because a person entered its space. A spider that bites might have done so because its space was disrupted. A common thread is that these creatures only act out on instinct when it believes it is in danger. Another common thread, these creatures act out when humans disturb their space- don't bother them and they won't bother you.

When fearing an insect, rodent, or animal, it is important to think of the positive aspects of nature. We are all creatures living on the same planet. We can coincide if given the opportunity. When faced with the fear of spiders, bees, and snakes, think of the positive they bring to the ecosystem. Spiders capture all the pesky insects that enter a home or garden. Snakes eat the rodents before they enter your home or garden. Bees provide honey, pollinate, and aid with agriculture.

We are all apart of the circle of life. Just because an insect or animal is not human, does not mean that they are not worthy of living. Next time you lift your foot to step on a spider. Think of this Haiku:

Look, don't kill that fly!
It is making a prayer to you
By rubbing its hands and feet.

By: Kobayashi Issa


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We Have a Winner!

We have a winner!! Congratulations to Kaxan! You won the Illustrated Dream Dictionary

I'm not sure why the random number picture is showing out of 100, but I did it out of 7 (6 entries on the blog and 1 on the Closed Lids Facebook page) and the result was 4.

True Random Number Generator 
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Law of Attraction in Action

How do you apply the Law of Attraction to your life? While reading my timeline on Twitter, I came across a blogger called Lisa, who writes about manifesting dreams through the Law of Attraction. Her website originally started as a campaign to raise money for mental health awareness then turned into a website about using the Law of Attraction in her daily life. Lisa has a series on her blog called The Law of Attraction in Action. It was this series that pulled me to her blog. I often read about the Law of Attraction and how millions are using it, but I don't often read stories about how and what has came about from using the Law of Attraction methods. 

Lisa wants to hear your stories!  I submitted a story about how I used the Law of Attraction to recieve money. Visit her website and share your Law of Attraction success(or not so successful) stories. If you would like to submit a story, you can send an email to: Visit Lisa's website or Twitter account for great updates. 

I'm Moving to Korea!

I'm moving to Korea! A move of some sort might be in my near future. My dream from last night had me wake up at 4:50am a little puzzled.

My dream:

I was going somewhere with a family friend who is like an aunt to me ('U'). U and I were walking to go somewhere and we walked up a path that had a line filled with people. I laughed at U as we cut the line and walked past all the people. When we reached the beginning of the line we realized, it was a line to go to Korea. I told U we needed to turn around because we weren't supposed to be on a flight. U told me that we should get on the flight and when we arrived in Korea, we would just take the return flight.

 As we boarded the plane, I turned to U and told her that I only had my drivers license and I don't walk around with my passport. She told me to relax and that I will be able to get by customs. When we landed in Korea, the first thing we did was go to the ticket agent. Some how U's daughter C was also there. The ticket agent told us that the next flight wouldn't arrive in the United States until 4 am the next day. For some reason I started to get agitated, because I had somewhere to be and I did not want to be on a flight that was almost 24 hours. U and C purchased their tickets and I realized I only had my credit card and I wasn't sure if my spending limit could purchase an $835 dollar ticket. When the lady handed my receipt and I noticed that my ticket was $835 and U and C's ticket was 400. I was very angry and threw the receipt back at her and said "why is my ticket double the cost of theirs"(as I was throwing it in the dream, I was shocked at my behavior because that is not my personality). The ticket agent, then explained to me that I was sitting in first class and that someone canceled and I happened to get the more expensive seat. After I apologized, C stated that she was sorry that my ticket was expensive, especially since I didn't plan to travel to Korea in the first place. C then said she would pay me back some of the money. As she said that U gave her a look.

We then walked around the airport. I was upset that I couldn't leave to sightsee, because I didn't have my passport. In the airport was a marketplace and I wanted to purchase certain fruits, but one fruit cost 9 dollars, so I ended up buying 4 bananas for 1 dollar and 4 cups of applesauce for 39 cents. I briefly had a discussion with some men about the prices and then asked U how much she purchased her applesauce.

That is how that dream ended. I had another dream- but it wasn't that exciting- it was just me playing basketball.

Since the start of the detox, I have had very vivid dreams. I will be analyzing them to see what the future holds or what my present is trying to tell me.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Mix It Up Monday: Djehuty Ma'at Ra- Virgo Health

This weeks Mix It Up Monday post is about Virgo Health. I am a loyal customer of Dherbs and this week I noticed that the founder Djehuty Ma'at Ra posted an article that he had written about Virgo Health. Since this month on Closed Lids is all about Virgos, I decided to post his article. If you would like to purchase herbal products or read up on great information, you can find more information on his  website, Twitter, or Facebook

Individuals who incarnated between August 24th and September 23rd did so under the astrological sign of Virgo, the Maiden (Virgin), the sixth sign of the Western zodiac.

Virgo individuals or Virgoans are ANALYTICAL, practical, observant, patient, sensible, ingenious, studious, witty, well-spoken, hardworking, judicious; insist on common sense and practical intelligence; loves refinement, cleanliness and order; and have an eye for detail.

Virgo is an "Earth" sign, which mean Virgo people are very practical, just like their fellow "Earth" sign cousins: Taurus and Capricorn.

Virgo is also a "Mutable" sign, which means they are spontaneous and inconsistent; ever changing. However, being a mutable sign denotes: flexibility and versatility.

Virgo is also a FEMININE sign, which means Virgo individuals are passive (do not like confrontation), receptive (takes in a lot, very emotional), and withdrawn (can easily be to him/herself which is great for spiritual purposes).

Zodiac signs govern the entire human body. The part of the body that Virgo governs is the abdomen, stomach, and intestines (colon) in addition to the lower lobes of the liver, the gallbladder, the spleen, the duodenum, and sympathetic nervous system. Virgos or Virgoans (Maidens) are prone to diseases of these particular organs and systems and must be vigilant against diseases in and of these organs and systems.

As Virgo governs the abdomen, stomach, and intestines, Virgoans have to be aware of their specific astrological-based health needs that are health needs of the digestive and intestinal tract. As they are very mental and analytical being ruled by Mercury, planet of communication (explaining why Virgoans, especially female Virgoans, can talk excessively and nonstop) they can digest too much information or data at times that can result in physical digestive disorders according to metaphysical law ("as above, so below; as below, so above").

The intestines are the site of the Second Chakra, called "Svadisthana" in Sanskrit (meaning "one's sweetest abode"), which houses such attributes as "emotions," "sexuality," "pleasure," "addictions," and "relationships."

The abdomen is the site of the Third Chakra, called "Manipura" in Sanskrit (meaning "place of gems"), which houses such attributes as "drive, will-power, determination, ambition, self-esteem, self-image, etc.

According to medical astrology, "Virgo is the natural sixth house, the house which has rule over sickness; hence when Virgo people once get into the clutches of sickness, they are apt to become chronic invalids. Therefore though such people make excellent nurses, they should be advised against this vocation and avoid sick rooms and hospitals, for they are like sponges and every ready to take on the disease of their patients."

Further, "The affliction which may be classed under the sign of Virgo are determined largely by the planets which may be afflicted in this sign. Cramps in the intestines, wind, colic, malnutrition, diarrhea, constipation, peritonitis, cholera, dysentery, worms, catarrh of the bowels, and appendicitis may result from afflictions in Virgo."

And because Mercury also rules the rectum, Virgoans are also prone to rectal problems, i.e. hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding.

Virgoans should make sure to get adequate amounts of POTASSIUM SULPHATE which is the necessary cell-salt of Virgo. Great sources of natural potassium sulphate include seaweeds and apples.

The erogenous zone of a sign is also the part of the body the sign governs, and for Virgo, the erogenous zone is the belly. Virgoans should get plenty of kisses and lickings on the belly and belly button that is sure to excite them and turn them on sexually.

Because Virgoans are prone to intestinal problems and complaints, they should make sure to perform enemas weekly or bi-weekly depending on their diet and lifestyle.

Colonics are also a great procedure Virgoans should have performed periodically. Enemas and colonics are great to prevent constipation which the Virgo person, especially the Virgo female, seems to constantly have.
Dherbs.Com formulas that are ideal for Virgo individuals includeVirgo FormulaSecond and Third Chakra ElixirBowel MoverColon FormulaSen-Fen FormulaHemorrhoid BusterIntestinal JanitorDigest-Aid, and the 10-Day Supreme Colon Cleanser.

Virgo individuals would do well to perform the 10-Day Supreme Colon Cleanser at least twice a year in addition to performing the Full Body Detox 2-4 times per year.

Famous Virgos include: Michael Jackson, Mother Theresa, Beyonce Knowles, Ingrid Bergen, Agatha Christie, Sean Connery, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Peter Falk, Greta Garbo, Althea Gibson, Linda Gray, Goethe, Taraj P. Henson, Lyndon B. Johnson, Shania Twain, Sophia Loren, Queen Elizabeth I, Rosie Perez, Peter Sellers, Lily Tomlin, Barbara Bach, George Wallace, Carmen Diaz, Lauren Bacall, Jeremy Irons, Faith Hill, Hugh Grant, Isabell Sanford, Pink, Salma Hayek, Michael Keaton, Tuesday Weld, Larenz Tate, Jane Curtin, Jacqueline Bisset, Rachel Ward, Yvonne DeCarlo, Elvira, Lola Falana, H.G. Wells, Joan Jett, Jennifer Tilly, Stephen King, Gloria Estefan, Fay Wray, Martha Raye, Cass Eliott, Kristy McNichol, Oliver Stone, Dinah Washington, Amy Irving, Roxie Rocker, Michelle Woods, David Copperfield, BB King, Gene Kelly, James Coburn, and Ruthie Grant (Parthenia Onasis).

Thank you for reading!
This article is compliments of www.Dherbs.Com and Djehuty Ma'at-Ra.
Additional articles by the author available @

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Check me out!

Woohoo, I just wrote my 100th post! So excited. Thank you all for reading!

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Dream Sweet ~ L.

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Dreams of Last Night

Two nights ago, I had a dream about the show Top Chef, a scale,and my camera charger. In my dream, I was watching the contestants of Top Chef battle out for the title. As they contestants were cooking someone was telling me that it was the wrong food for me to eat and that I needed to eat healthier. Then in the dream, I went on a scale and saw that I had lost two pounds. Later in the dream I was searching for my camera charger and found it on top of a shelf. 

This dream happened day 2 of the detox. That day, I was looking for my camera charger, I purchased a scale, and watched Top Chef. My dream, was just taking all that I did that day and processing it. The dream confirmed that I needed to change my eating habits in order to obtain my desired results. I also have been searching for my camera charger so I can charge my battery and upload picture. I will search on top of shelves to see if my dream was correct in where my charger has gone. Today, I weighed myself and I am 2 pounds lighter than two days ago. I guess my dream knew something was going to happen. 

I have found that since starting this detox, I have noticed how much technology interferes with my mind. On day 2, my iPod was giving me trouble and I spent 30 minutes trying to fix it. I then realized that instead of using my iPod to exercise, I should just, go on my walk and use nature's sounds as my iPod. For the past two days, I have exercised without my iPod. Creatively, I am on top of the world, and I attribute that to being able to walk in nature with out distractions. Yesterday, my internet stopped working and I was unable to update the blog. I spent the day without my laptop, iPod, and TV;it really was freeing and my mind benefited. 

Read more details about my detox on my personal blog. 

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