Saturday, August 14, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Wow! Thank you Mother Knows Less for awarding me with the Versatile Blogger Award. This was really a surprise. I am glad that I have people reading my blog and enjoying my posts.I am not a mom, but I still like to read the stories. I started following the Mother Knows Less blog because of her wonderful way of describing her motherhood journey.

So I have to keep the award moving. The way the award works is you must:

a) Thank the person who gave you this award
b) Tell 7 things about yourself
c) nominate newly discovered blogs to share this award!

Here we go! 

Seven Things About Myself (this is hard)
1. I have four sisters 
2. I love watching cartoons and animated movies. 
3. I drink about 1/2 to 1 gallon of water a day. Sometimes more. What can I say... I am thirsty! 
4. I used to play on a trivia team in college sponsored by Honda. My team made it to the Sweet 16 and the top 16 teams were featured in a two page spread in USA Today (April 2006). <-- my 15 minutes of fame
5. I am a skilled bargain hunter: I can go into a grocery store with $100 dollars and shop like I had $200. 
6. My dreams usually are predictive
7. I have traveled to most of the countries in the Caribbean 

Blogs Receiving this award.

1 Little Bit Quirky - blog geared towards parents with high functioning autistic children.
2 Crunchy Betty blogs about using natural elements like essential oils, foods, herbs, etc as beauty products.
3. An Unconventional Librarian -  blogs about multicultural books for children
4. Lojo Manifesto - blogs about her life in a funny way. 
5. Sweet Jeanette - blogs about homemade goods and more
6. Its How She Rolls - her writing is inspirational, I love the style
7. The Crayon Wrangler - blogs about family, children, and friendship
8. 1000 Reasons I'm a Crap Mom - blogs about  funny misadventures in parenthood. 
9. Truthfully Speaking - great advice for writers and parents alike. 
10. Holyoke Home - blogs about renovating her new home. Love the pictures. 
11. ANTM T-Shirt Design - design t-shirts. Proceeds go to SC Autism Society 
12. Geek Girl Wife - blogs about technology and more


Crayon Wrangler said...

Wow! Thank you so much! I am honored to have you recognize me!

Changing Woman said...


Leslie @ crunchybetty said...

Aw. Yay! Thank you!

I love that you drink that much water, too. I'm with you. I have a gallon jug that I keep with me all the time - most days I'll go through two of those. Crazy!

Mica's Truth said...

Thanks a bunch! I didn't expect this, truly appreciated.

Gina said...

Bless Your Heart!! You are so sweet. Thank you. What a nice surprise today!!
Awesome 7 things!!

Hugs to you!! I can't thank you enough.

ANTM T-Shirt Designs And More said...

Thank you so much! Totally caught me by surprise!

Ofthesea said...

Yay, thank you so much! How exciting! :)

I'm also with you and most camels: I drink huge quantities of water or I get headaches. Also keeps the skin clean!

sweetjeanette said...

Hey there! Thanks for the award!
To answer your question about the laughing cow Strawberry Cheesecake icecream - I got it at my grocery store. It should be easily accessible (we're on the same coast! LOL) I tried other flavors, but in my opinion the strawberry cheesecake was the best! LOL

Changing Woman said...

Thank you all! for having such wonderful blogs for me to read :)

Pammy pam said...

wow. i'm honored. thank you so much. i'm glad someone else enjoys reading the things that i write (cuz my kids don't)!
thank you!!

Holyoke Home said...

Wow! Thanks!

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