Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There is no Future or Is There?

I found this website called Aardvark. It is a site where individuals ask questions and people answer them. I read about this site on Mashable and thought I would give it a try. My first question that I answered had to deal with the future.

The question:
What does the saying "The future doesn't exist because the future is the past" mean?

My response:
The future does not exist because it has not happened yet, you can only imagine what will occur. When you reach the time that you will call the future, it is already now the present and once you are in present time, it is now the past. 

For example: if the future is one minute from now. Once that minute arrives, you are in the present moment, once that minute changes to the next it is now in the past. The future is only something that can be thought of, but not actually experienced. 

Your thoughts:
What do you think? Was my response flawed, is there a tangible future?


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motherknowsless said...

I have a gift for you see below

motherknowsless said...

I think this refers to Einsteins theory of Everything or string theory were time as we know it is flawed and he believes that time is in folded layers rather than the flat straight forward time line we have been taught. Boggles the mind!

Changing Woman said...

woohoo :) thanks for the versatile blogger award! I will get on the top of the task asap!

Changing Woman said...

oo I will need to look into this theory. It seems like it is going to make my head hurt. Thanks for sharing motherknowless (I think in this situation, motherknowslots!<--- I know bad joke lol)

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