Thursday, August 26, 2010

Terrifying Thursdays: I Fear Not Bringing Desired Results

"I fear my goals not bringing the desired results" - Justan, NY

We live in a society where success is measured often by amount of money or fame. Pressure from society, family, peers, and our own doubts often hinder us into believing that our goals are not sufficient or worthy. Self doubt and outside influences often cause us to fear that our goals will not bring in the desired results.

To have a goal means that you have a finish line that you imagine in your mind. To get to your goal you must plan and organize the steps to your goal. If you are specific in your desires and what it will take to achieve the goal, you will gain the confidence needed to bring out results.

What you feel in the inside will translate on the outside. Eradicating the fear and self doubt from your mind is important in order to move forward in using the power of thought to achieve your goals.

After you put in your mind what you would like to achieve it is best to make it concrete.

1. Write it down- by writing down your specific goal, it brings it into actuality
2. Set a date- by choosing a date you are giving yourself a deadline to work towards
3. Plan- by writing a detailed plan of action, you give yourself a blueprint to success.
4. Review- by reviewing your plan every day, you keep the motivation within you
5. Rewrite- by rewriting you plan, you give yourself time to edit as needed

If you are a more visual person, you can create a dream board, using words and images that express your desired goals.

Now that you are organized, you have nothing to fear. You have written down a plan of action and you used the power of thought to put out into the universe your goals. The only thing left to do is remove the fear emotion.

Daily say affirmations to yourself to gain the confidence needed to eradicate the fear and self doubt of not achieving success. It is normal to have some doubt, but be mindful that focusing to much attention to your doubt will allow it to become reality.

You can and will achieve your desired results!


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Soul Beautiful said...

This is exactly what I needed to read at this moment in my life. You are truly a blessing!

Changing Woman said...

Thank you! Soul Beautiful, I am glad you this post in the right moment. Things happen for a reason at the right moment all the time! Keep on singing!

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