Sunday, August 15, 2010


How many soul mates can one have? Only one or multiples? I believe that you can have more than one soul mate, and it can be soul mates on different levels- same sex friends, siblings, lovers, etc.

Today I stumbled upon a blog post that spoke about the different types of soul mates. I am new to Dr. Rae's blog and I can't wait to read more, her blog is about the "Journey to Self: The Journey to Love."

I can connect with her style of writing because she speaks from the personal and adds in some academia. A nice balance!

When she spoke on the different soul mates she has encountered, I felt like we were sharing the same story. I also enjoyed her post about reasons why she enjoys being single. I also agree with her, that in order to find a great partner, you must work on yourself. She writes about love and fears with such open honesty, you feel like you are there with her as she writes the personal accounts.

If you would like to read more of Dr. Rae's work, check our her blog and/or Twitter

This blog post was inspired by Day 26 of the SITS Problogger Summer Challenge.


drrae said...

Oh Ms. are the bomb!! :-) I'm all smiles!! Thank you for the shout out and the support!! Ahhh...I feel good!! It feels good to be recognized lady as I've been working diligently on self...and def on what I "put out" on my's so self-revealing and you wonder if ppl even read it...I get more readers on FB, but I'm on a FB fast right now! LOL! I'm so glad we've connected and I look fwd to staying in touch with you! :-)

Changing Woman said...

lol :) That is great. You have great work, so you deserve it! I know that feeling, of wondering if people read your work. But I came to the realization that, my work is for me. If people read it great, if not still great!

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