Monday, August 23, 2010

Mix It Up Monday: L.Marie- Virgo Versary

Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true. - Cinderella. 

I cannot believe that it has been a year already! It was September 14th 2009, when I made the decision to purchase a domain and just start building a site. I had an idea, a dream, and I kept on persisting and it paid off. A year later, I now have many readers interacting on the website and it is rewarding to see people enjoying what I write. 

Closed Lids, a modern, new age company, will be celebrating its one-year anniversary on September 14, 2010. This date falls between August 23rd and September 22nd, during the sign of Virgo. During this time, I will celebrate with "30 Days of Mayhem," which will include 15% off all products and services, as well as a weekly giveaway composed of books, crystals, natal chart and dream consultation. Closed Lids will also honor fellow Virgos and launch three new monthly blog series.

Closed Lids was founded to engage people in interactive discussion by opening them to new ways of understanding and assisting in reflecting upon dreams. Closed Lids' unique consultation style guides individuals who are looking for spiritual understanding and assists those who already have an understanding move forward in their journey. Closed Lids represents ideas that may or may not frequently be viewed or discussed due to societal taboos. These ideas include, but are not limited to astrology, reincarnation, numerology, auras, spirituality and other new age concepts.

Closed Lids is a Virgo and what better way to celebrate her birthday than a month long Virgo Versary honoring readers, Closed Lids, new blog series, and fellow Virgos? 

  • Virgo Versary- In celebration of Closed Lids birthday on September 14, 2010, during the entire cycle of Virgo, all services will be 15% off. Sale starts August 23rd and concludes September 22nd. 
  • Zodiac Signs- During the sign of Virgo, I will dedicate the entire month to all things Virgo. Hereafter, every month following will be "Rep Your Zodiac Sign" month.  I will dedicate that entire month to the corresponding sign. 
  • Terrifying Thursdays- We all have fears and doubts. Terrifying Thursdays will serve as a safe medium where you can release your fear. I will randomly choose one fear from those submitted. and discuss the fear, why people fear it, and ways to overcome. The fear can range from mystical to emotional to physical. 
  • Crystal of the Month- I will choose one crystal a month to discuss in length. 

Please join me in celebrating my Virgo Versary! 


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