Sunday, August 22, 2010

Its Coming!

Its Coming! Only three people know the Closed Lids announcement. However, on Twitter tomorrow (8/23), I will tell everyone :).

 I am having my first tweet up/tweet chat at 8pm, using the hashtag #closedlids. I am super excited for the 5 things I will announce.

 I can't give everything away, but I will give a few hints:

1. I fear the space between the platform and the train, for some reason I feel like I am going to fall on the tracks. Tell me your fears and you could win a prize. More details during the Closed Lids Tweet Chat (8/23, 8pm hash tag #closedlids). 

2. Closed Lids birthday is 9/14 when is yours?

3. They say a diamond is a girls best friend, but I personally like emeralds. What is your favorite gem?

4. 15 is one of my favorite numbers, what is yours? 

Feel free to answer these questions, who knows maybe you will win a cool prize.


Holyoke Home said...

Hello lovely! Not to totally cheese out on you, but here it is: love is my current favorite gem. And 5 is my favorite number. Can't wait to hear your announcement!

Changing Woman said...

Hey! You did not cheese out on me, Love is a beautiful gem to have as a favorite. Some people need to be reminded of that.

Check out my announcement:

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