Monday, July 19, 2010

SITS Problogger Summer Challenge: Day 1

The day has finally arrived! The first day in the SITS Problogger Summer Challenge

Day one of the challenge may seem repetitive to those who have been reading the blog since inception. However, for all my new readers: Welcome to the Closed Lids Blog! This blog is just the tip of the iceberg. The blog is a part of my main business website Closed Lids. On this blog,  I discuss an array of topics that are sometimes directly or indirectly related to dreams, astrology, etc. 

So on to the challenge! The task for today, was to create an elevator pitch. 

Tagline- Dare to Blink, Dare to Close Lids

Short Pitch- Closed Lids encourages interactive discussions about dreams, astrology, spirituality, and more. 

Elevator Pitch- Closed Lids represents ideas that may or may not be frequently viewed or discussed due to societal taboos. These ideas are not limited to astrology, reincarnation, numerology, spirituality, and other new age concepts. Closed Lids offers a variety of services which include insightful dream packages, astrological natal charts, along with engaging eBooks on a wide range of subjects. The goal of Closed Lids is to engage in interactive discussion to assist those looking for understanding. 

This was an exciting task to complete, because it reminded me of the purpose of my blog and incited me to continue creating for all my old and new readers. 

Looking forward to Day 2! 

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