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Mix It Up Monday: Tres- Neck of the Woods

This weeks Mix It Up Mondays post is from Tres. His piece is entitled 'From Nothing' and is the fourth chapter of his book series. If you would like to read more from his book check out his blog. You can also contact him via Twitter.

From Nothing- Chapter Four: Neck of the Woods 

Arizona has the dessert. Colorado has the mountains. Louisiana has the swamp.

It’s not a forest. A forest has lively creatures and singing birds, lots of sun, fog only in the morning or when its actually foggy out. Forests get cut down, and levelled, and when it rains, its soggy but it dries out well. You may find berries in a forest or shrubs and deer trying to eat said berries and shrubs. People camp, light fires, tell stories, and are for the most part aren’t scared unless they’ve been told about a witch or something.

Forests are not swamps.

Swamps have creatures that lurk, and get movies made about the things that could possibly live in it. It’s muddy, smelly, and chances are that you’re going to find a body or two. Day or night it’s a really bad scene and no one ever feels comfortable going there. You never know if the ground is even really ground or if its just a bunch of grass laid on top of water and if theres any wildlife underneath it. It’s not a desirable place to be, ever.

I’m sorry, I’m skipping ahead. 

After my near whatever experience I had, I decided that it wouldn’t be smart of me to try and explain what had happened to either one of the strangers I was riding with. It would have made them think I was crazy, and brought attention to the fact that the meter was so high I couldn’t even come close to affording it. I was going to cross that road when I came to it, but unfortunately, in life, crossroads seem to come at us even when we’re sitting still.

”Sir, I’m going to need for you to pay for half of your fare now. I don’t usually take people this far and the meter is so high that I’m afraid you won’t pay,” the cab driver said, looking up into the mirror to see the girl stir awake in the back seat.

”I’m not going to pay for half of my ride now, that’s not how it works. I have money at the place I’m going to and I’ll pay you when I get there,” I scoffed, looking at him with a frown before turning away, crossing my arms. 

The car was drowned in silence as i looked out the window, broken trees with ugly limbs reaching out to the road like old fingers with leaves. The morning was coming along and the silence of the car intensified the feeling of the sun as it came over the road. Driving east in the morning could be blinding, especially where the road was flat without enough clouds to cover it. 

Normally it’d be an omen or a sign of good things to come. 

That day, it only temporarily blinded the cab driver. 

The cab jumped into the air and flipped what could have been more than ten times before sliding on its side into the forest, the front end sinking into a deep mud that consumed part of the front end of the car. I didn’t realize any of it, and I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but what i do remember is being pulled out of the car and held like a baby in strong arms. I drifted in and out of consciousness and forgot my name, where I was going, what had even happened. Dreams of a different life filled my mind, ones of me flying and others of battles and love I’d never known came and occupied my head. Frightening. Beautiful. Disturbing. Calm. It was all of these, and none at the same time.

When I finally came around, I could hear the water sloshing underneath me, though I was dry except for my shoes and below my knees. The water rippled off to the sides, and when I looked up I was so shocked that I jumped right in, splashing everywhere. 

It was one of the grossest decisions I’d ever made.

Coming out of the water, I wiped me eyes to see the woman who had been sitting in the backseat was walking with me and, as it seemed, was also carrying me without too much stress in her eyes. Her face was angry, but her anger subsided as she set her hands on her hips and replaced her anger with simple irritation. 

”No, no thank you Daniel. Thank you for pulling me out of the wrecked car. Thank you for carrying me for two days as you drooled on my brand new shirt. Thank you so so so much for letting me have the privilege of toting around this blessed one. You’re too much,” she ended, adjusting a few stray strands of hair before making her way past me.

”I never told you my name whoever you are!” I said, splashing water on her shirt as she walked away with her back to me. I didn’t take well to people walking away from me like that, and I guess she didn’t either.

”I’m Lelaine. And I’d put my fist through your chest if you weren’t so fucking important you stupid son of a… You know what, I’m going to just keep walking. I gotta get you home. Michalea’s orders,” she ended, walking back to me. Before I could yell back at her, I felt her fist go into my stomach and my eyes went black, taking me immediately back to my dreams where I was king. 

Dreams like all things, however, have to come to an end sometime.

(End of Chapter Four)
(Next, Chapter Five: “Tougher Than She Looks”)

By: Tres

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