Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mix It Up Monday: Amber Realeza- Why Are Black People So Unhappy?

This weeks Mix It Up Monday post is from Amber Realeza, called  Why are Black People So Unhappy?  To read more by Amber Realeza check out more of her articles

Why Are Black People So Unhappy? 

I feel that the African American culture is at a stand still. I believe this is all due to this self imposed suppression that generation after generation of African American men and women Foolishly claim as the reason they are unable to succeed in America. When the bottom line is The only reason a large percentage of the African American/ black population are unable to succeed....Is because they are to afraid to think outside of the box and try new things. This psychological defect seeps into every imaginable aspect of our lives and causes tremendous damage, including our ability to choose the right mates and partners. But by no means can our defective psychological tendencies be blamed on the African American male. We must share an equal part of the blame. Because not only does our impaired mental state affect our judgment of others it also affects the way that we treat others. We forget one very important aspect as well...and that is loving self before you even attempt to love anyone outside yourself. We often make the mistake of crucifying others and holding them in low regard without first looking at our own behaviors and evaluating if the way that we treat others is in fact equivalent to the way we would like to be treated. We have to start from square one. In this article it is not my intention to bash the African American woman or man. I am attempting to identify certain behaviors that are suppressive in nature that are also keeping us from moving forward and advancing our consciousness.

Observation #1
Criticizing and critiquing others (behind their backs)
This behavior is not helping you advance as a human being. This is in fact a suppressive behavior that is to blame for your  inability to move forward. If you must critique someone be sincere and constructive with your observation. Talking about a person behind there back and laughing at them are only adding negative tallies to our karma tic slate. Going to someone with the purest of intentions and out of love, sharing with them information that can make them a better person. While the information feedback that you gave is making that person a better person it is also making you a better person and setting you up to receive blessings in the future.

Observation #2
Not allowing yourself to learn from the mistakes you have made in the past.
Just because you are used to being treated like crap Does not mean that you are meant nor deserve to be treated this way.. All to often we subconsciously seek out mates with the same characteristics of the man that didn't treat us so well. In short we are using our un-pleasurable experience as an out line as opposed to using it as a learning tool that we can benefit from. Just keep in mind in ever misfortune there is a fortunate opportunity just open up your mind and find it.

Observation #3
Not realizing our worth.
The words that come out of our mouths and the body language and vibes we emit from our body are all to often contradictory. We are so quick to say what we deserve,, but all too quick to fall short of the necessary steps we need to take to actively pursue what it is we feel we deserve.

In closing the best thing you can do for yourself is take a long hard look in the mirror...identify your toxic behaviors and remedy those behaviors.....a broken down car can never move forward on its own without being fixed an repaired ...and neither can you.

By: Amber Realeza

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