Tuesday, July 20, 2010

8 Steps to Recording Dreams

Dreams have messages that can assist in all aspects of our lives. Take the time out to record and understand dreams and learn from the messages of the subconscious.  

Through the dream example below, I will show you how to effectively record your dreams in 8 steps.

These 8 steps will assist you in recording your dreams. This is an actual dream I experienced, which I will put in italics and in bold the 8 steps. 

1.      Night of Dream: March, 2009
2.      Title: Mom as a Vampire
3.      Dream Description: I was sitting in a room with 3 candles, one was purple, and the rest I do not remember. It seemed as if I was going to begin some sort of ritual. As I turned I saw the back of a woman who looked like my mother (deceased). I hurried toward her saying “Mommy”. I touched her shoulder, as she turned around; she was a vampire. I stated “you’re not my mom” At that very moment in waking life my phone rang and it was “John” (it was around 2/3am).
4.      Overall Feeling of Dream: Relaxed, Happy, Sad, Surprised, Confused
5.      Life Circumstances Prior to Dream: ‘John’ had been trying to persuade me for months for me to venture into a business project with him. I continuingly said no and told him it was too good to be true. That week, I was thinking maybe I should enter the business project with him.
6.      Dream Images: Candles, Vampire, Woman, “Mother”, Room, Purple

7.      Feelings Upon Waking: Understanding, Relief,  Confirmation, an A-ha moment.  

8.      Interpretation:  When ‘John’ called me at that moment, I instantly knew what my dream represented; someone that I knew (the back of the woman was my mother) was really not showing their true colors (my mother turned out to be a vampire). This person would be a draining and dangerous person (vampire). John had been deceiving me for months and ‘sucking’ my energy. In my dream I was beginning a ritual, when it was interrupted by me seeing my mom (this represented me beginning to sway and lean towards working with John).

I hope these 8 steps give you a better understanding of how you should record your dreams. If you would like to go more in depth, check out my articles on sleep and dream journals. Or check out my online store and purchase a dream consultation package. 

This blog post was inspired by Day 2 of the SITS Problogger Summer Challenge


Mica's Truth said...

I have never thought about recording my dreams. I actually think I try to forget more than remember. I do keep having this dream that I think's similar and have had it since I was a teen. I'm going to try to record it the next time I have one.

Now following!

Changing Woman said...

Thanks Mica! Recording your dreams becomes a habit. It is very easy not to write down your dreams, because you think you will remember later on. When you write your dreams down, you start to see a trend.

I think it would be a good idea for you to write down that dream, especially since it is reoccurring.

C.McKane said...

I get a lot of story ideas, characters, and fantasy worlds from my dreams but I never thought to record it that way.

Really neat thanks for sharing your dream with us.

Changing Woman said...

Thanks C.McKane!

That is relaly cool that you get characters and such from your dreams. I sometimes see interesting pictures in my dreams, its times like that I wish I could draw.

A lot of individuals get creative ideas from their dreams. Many noteworthy individuals from history used their dreams to gain ideas or inspiration.

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